Expanding capabilities in routine clinical toxicology screening using HRAM QTOF

Low resolution mass spectrometry with triple quadrupole MS/MS systems deliver highly sensitive, robust, reproducible and proven technology platforms for targeted clinical toxicology screening and identifying unknown compounds in patient samples. However, high resolution accurate mass-spectrometers (HRAM) provide support for targeted and untargeted workflows in which no spectral data are lost and retrospective data analysis can be supported. To reduce false positive reporting a HRAM data-independent-acquisition MS and MS/MS method was used together with a HRAM MS/MS clinical toxicology library for routine screening assays.

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ASMS 2020 - MP 577
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Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
ASMS 2020, LCMS, Q-TOF, HRAM, toxicology, screening, , Forensics, LCMS-9030, Q-TOF
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