Analyze IQ Ltd Announces Partnership with Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc. for Sales of Analyze IQ Software for Chemometric Analysis

Analyze IQ Limited, producers of the world’s most advanced spectroscopy analysis software, and Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc., global leaders in analytical instrumentation, have today announced a partnership under which Shimadzu will sell the Analyze IQ software suite to their customers in North America.

The Analyze IQ software will allow Shimadzu’s customers to perform detailed analysis of molecular spectroscopy data. The software suite enables users to interrogate all types of spectroscopic data automatically and organize their data effectively, to streamline decision making, thus giving a competitive edge by reducing errors and costs.

Michael Madden, CEO of Analyze IQ Ltd., recognizes that “Shimadzu offers spectrophotometers with NIR measurement capabilities that are well-established in laboratories around the world. Offering the Analyze IQ software suite with these systems enhances their performance and provides customers performing chemometric analysis with powerful UV-Vis options.

Mark Talbott, Molecular Spectroscopy Product Manager, of Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc., comments: “We believe that the Analyze IQ software suite is a valuable option for our customers who wish to perform chemometrics, as it combines high performance, ease of use, and advanced analytical methods.”

The patent-protected Analyze IQ software suite that Shimadzu will resell includes:

  • Analyze IQ Lab: Provides rapid & accurate chemometric analysis methods to turn complex spectral data into decisions. Its model building wizard allows you to build, evaluate and refine sophisticated models, quickly and reliably.
  • Analyze IQ RealTime: Enables you to package chemometric models that have been constructed and validated by expert analysts and deploy them in fielded applications, where they can be applied automatically for real time predictions. Available in Portable, Desktop, or Cloud Editions.
  • Analyze IQ SmartSearch: Allows you to search rapidly and accurately through a library of spectra, to identify the best matches for unknown spectra, enabling you to answer “what is this?” questions easily and reliably, and providing you with useful supplementary data.
  • Analyze IQ Spectra Manager: Makes it easy to store and organize your valuable spectra and related meta-data. An ideal alternative to the high cost & effort of implementing a LIMS.
  • Analyze IQ Spectra Library: A carefully-curated collection of 1868 Raman spectra of common organic materials, including laboratory chemicals, hazardous materials, research chemicals, and solvent mixtures.

About Analyze IQ Limited:
Analyze IQ provides the world’s most advanced analysis software and services that enable commercial labs, academic researchers, and integrated system providers to rapidly and accurately analyze mixtures of chemicals. Our products are used in pharmaceutical, healthcare, petrochemical, law enforcement, academic and other organizations. For further information about Analyze IQ’s software products and services, visit, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , or phone 650-963-5764 (North America) or +353-91-395-900 (International).

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