New Simulated Distillation Gas Chromatography System Achieves High-Accuracy Analysis for the Oil and Petrochemical Industry

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has launched a simulated distillation gas chromatography software package for use with their GC-2010 Plus-based simulated distillation GC. The resulting system is optimal for feedstock characterization in the oil refinery process.

The combination of Shimadzu’s GC-2010 Plus high-performance capillary gas chromatograph and LabSolutions simulation distillation software permits accurate and highly reproducible analysis of high-boiling components (up to 120 carbon number) in crude oil samples. The system’s dedicated injection unit achieves low carryover and provides analysis results with high reproducibility.

The simulated distillation GC analysis software function appears in the LabSolutions chromatography workstation menus for a series of operations from calibration to sample analysis. It supports the calculation of the physical properties required for process management in oil refinery plants. It also provides statistical calculations and multi-sample data comparison required for product quality control.

A distillation characteristics curve and reference oil analysis chromatogram can be overlaid in reports. Flexible report generation allows free arrangement and customization of items.  The software provides comprehensive post-run analysis functions, including the calculation of physical properties and the creation of summary reports for multiple data.

Shimadzu’s simulated distillation system meets all ASTM, ISO, EN and JIS simulated distillation GC standards.

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