Shimadzu’s New LC/MS/MS Method Package for Primary Metabolites Enables Fast, Simultaneous Analysis of 55 Primary Metabolites

Shimadzu has introduced its Method Package for Primary Metabolites, designed for the simultaneous analysis of a variety of metabolites associated with central metabolic pathways.

Unlike current techniques, such as CE/MS, derivatization followed by GC/MS, or HILIC LC/MS, Shimadzu’s new package allows simultaneous analysis of a wider range of compounds. The new LC/MS/MS Method Package for Primary Metabolites permits high-throughput simultaneous analysis of 55 primary metabolites in a single 20-minute injection using ion-pair chromatography coupled to LC/MS/MS analysis. The compound panel includes primary metabolites associated with the glycolytic system, the TCA cycle, and the pentose phosphate pathway as well as amino acids and nucleotides.

The LC/MS/MS Method Package for Primary Metabolites also includes biological tissue sample preparation protocols that are applicable to LC/MS/MS. In addition, the inclusion of two internal standards allows for normalization of results. 
Disclaimer: For Research Use Only.  Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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