Achieve High-Speed, High-Resolution Detection with Shimadzu’s New EDX-7200 Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer


Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces the EDX-7200 Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer for fast, accurate detection and analysis of elements in samples. The EDX-7200 fluorescence spectrometer is equipped with a high-resolution silicon drift detector (SDD) to achieve a higher count rate and detection efficiency than its predecessor models.

The EDX-7200 incorporates a high-count-rate SDD and a high-speed circuit that achieves highly precise analysis of the target in a shorter measurement time. It increases the count rate by up to 30 times compared to the former model (EDX-720). Improved algorithms and performance also help to reduce measurement times.

In addition, the EDX-7200 delivers high-sensitivity performance, improving lower detection limit of trace elements in metal by up to six times that of the previous model. With the state-of-the-art SDD detector, the EDX-7200 offers superior energy resolution compared to earlier models. This reduces the effects of overlapping peaks of different elements, enhancing the reliability of the analysis results.

This flexible instrument accommodates all types of samples – from small to large, from solids to powders to liquids. Options include a vacuum measurement unit, helium purge unit for highly sensitive measurement of light elements, and a 12-sample turret for automated continuous measurements.

The new automatic measurement time reduction function automatically switches to the next analysis channel if a controlled substance clearly has a high or low concentration, making evaluation possible while measurement is underway. This achieves more efficient screening analysis

Four-stage automatic collimator switching capability enables the user to select the irradiation chamber from four values to suit the sample size –1-, 3-, 5- and 10-mm diameters. The included sample observation camera is used to confirm the X-ray irradiation area on a specific position.

Sensitivity for light elements can be increased by removing atmosphere with the optional vacuum measurement unit and helium purge unit. The optional helium replacement measurement unit is effective for the analysis of the elements contained in a sample that cannot be placed in a vacuum atmosphere. Equipped with a highly efficient proprietary helium gas replacement system, the instrument reduces measurement time and helium gas consumption.

Three optional screening analysis kits are available – RoHS, Halogen, and Antimony Screening Analysis Kit, the new Phosphorus Screening Analysis Kit and the new Tin Screening Analysis Kit.

Shimadzu’s PCEDX Navi software simplifies X-ray fluorescence spectrometry for beginners, while providing the feature set and capabilities demanded by more experienced users. The straightforward user interface offers intuitive operation and provides a convenient operating environment for uses regardless of expertise level.