New AIMsight Infrared Microscope Maximizes Automation to Improve Microsample Analysis


Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces the AIMsight Infrared Microscope featuring automated analysis functions and an enhanced wide field camera to enable users of all experience levels to identify, observe, measure and analyze microsamples quickly and efficiently.

The user-friendly AIMsight Infrared Microscope identifies the measurement target with a simple click on the image in the AMsolution control software and sets the optimal measurement position in just one second.

The AIMsight Infrared Microscope is equipped with Shimadzu’s proprietary wide-field camera and an infrared microscope objective. The wide-field camera can observe large areas up to 10mm × 13mm, and the 330× digital zoom function enables observation of areas as small as 30µm × 40µm.

In addition, the instrument provides the highest sensitivity in its class with a signal-to-noise ratio (S/N ratio) of 30,000:1. Operators can quickly acquire high-sensitivity data of micro measurement targets down to 10 µm in size. The system also includes a function to measure the diameter of microplastic particles.

The contaminant analysis program for automatically qualifying objects is included as a standard feature in LabSolutions™ IR software and identifies measured objects with high precision using a spectral library for substances commonly detected as contaminants in combination with Shimadzu's proprietary identification algorithm. The system searches for the primary and secondary components, even if objects are mixtures, and displays the probability of the substances identified. It is not necessary to specify the number of components in the mixture, so operation is easy, even for uses with little infrared analysis experience.