Perfinity Integrated Digestion Platform (iDP)

Rapid, Reproducible Protein Digestions

Perfinity integrated digestion platform will benefit your laboratory by providing:

  • Reproducible protein digestions with CV’s < 10%.
  • 1-8 minute trypsin digestions.
  • Fully automated proteolysis workflow.
  • Ability to couple directly to any LC/MS.
Perfinity integrated digestion platform

The Perfinity iDP system automates key proteomics workflow steps including protein digestion, desalting and reversed phase chromatography to significantly reduce sample preparation times and enhance reproducibility. The automated process removes much of the equipment and labor associated with protein sample preparation for LCMS analyses, minimizing a potential source of error and improving laboratory productivity. Additionally, the Perfinity trypsin immobilized enzyme reaction (IMER) columns reduce digestion times from eighteen hours to between one and eight minutes with greatly improved digest efficiency over benchtop digestion.

Perfinity iDP can be used in multiple application areas, including:

  • Assay development
  • Protein purification
  • Drug development
  • Biomarker discovery

The modular nature of the system enables upgrading to the full Perfinity Workstation, which features a second column oven and automation of affinity selection.

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