ICPMS-2040 / ICPMS-2050 Series

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

Fast, sensitive ICP mass spectrometers for reliable data analysis

Increase throughput and boost analytical accuracy

ICPMS-2040 and ICPMS-2050 systems are designed for speed and accuracy. With their high-speed cell gas purging and ProActive rinsing features, you can reduce measurement time by 30% compared to other instruments. And their sensitive mini-torch systems help you capture the accurate data you need.

These systems also feature an intuitive software package for easy operation. You can view all necessary information in a single window for quick analysis. The software also has automatic alerts for maintenance tasks to simplify upkeep.

Key Features

Key features of the ICPMS-2040 / ICPMS-2050 Series Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
  • ProActive Rinsing feature saves time during measurement
  • Preset analytical methods for easy operation
  • Easy-to-access plasma stand for quick maintenance
  • Charge Stabilizer ensures long-term signal stability
  • Extended rinsing automatically minimizes carryover
  • Intuitive LabSolutions ICPMS software simplifies analysis

Advanced mini-torch system improves ionization efficiency and sensitivity

  • Proprietary design helps you improve accuracy

    The new mini-torch design of ICPMS-2040/2050 systems improves the accuracy of your data. The torch is twice as sensitive as previous systems – decreasing sample flow rate into the plasma, improving sample ionization efficiency and providing you with more reliable data.

  • Advanced mini-torch system improves sensitivity and ionization efficiency

Efficient, sustainable design reduces argon gas consumption

  • Efficient, sustainable design reduces argon gas consumption
  • Stop wasting money on high argon consumption

    The mini torch on ICPMS-2040/2050 systems consumes only 11 L/min of argon – two-thirds the amount used by traditional plasma torches. Continuous operation using a 7 m3 gas cylinder is up to 10 hours. And by using Eco mode on standby, you can cut argon use to just 5.5 L/min plasma.

    With the ICPMS-2040/2050 system, there is also no need for high purity argon gas. You can use low-purity (99.95 %) argon gas to reliably generate a robust plasma – further reducing your costs.

High-speed gas controller saves time and increases throughput

  • Get the performance you need with no extra cost

    With the high-speed gas control features of ICPMS-2040/2050 systems, you can save time and increase throughput. The gas controller reduces cell gas introduction and exhaust times. When combined with the ProActive rinsing feature, the gas controller can reduce the time you spend on measurements by 30% compared with competitive systems – without the need for additional accessories or cost. This feature enables you to spend less time on measurements and perform faster sample analysis. High throughput also means reduction in power, argon consumption, wear of consumables, and eventually operating costs.

  • High-speed gas controller saves time and increases throughput


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