ICPE-9800 Series

Simultaneous ICP Atomic Emission Spectrometers

ICPEsolution Software Ensures That Analyses Can Be Started Smoothly

Starting measurements is easy and intuitive as icons are arranged in order by workflow.

ICPE Solution Software Workflow

Acquisition for All Wavelengths and Assistant Functions Ensure a Smoother Analysis Process

The ICPE-9800 series' All Wavelength Acquisition combined with unique assistant functions, and extensive spectral interference database, enable easy optimization of methods and a simpler, more efficient analytical workflow.

Typical System Versus ICPE 9800 Analysis Process

All Wavelengths Acquisition Allows Users to Freely Add Elements and Wavelengths Post Analysis

Acquisition for All Wavelengths Icon

Acquisition for All Wavelengths
The quantitative values can be displayed by simply adding elements or wavelengths without reanalysis. This is especially useful when forgetting to specify an element for measurement or obtain data for other wavelengths.

Adding Quantitative Analysis

Users can confirm the quantitative or qualitative data based on multiple wavelengths, even after measurements are finished by reprocessing data for additional wavelengths or elements, without needing to reanalyzing samples.

Adding Qualitative Analysis

Semi-quantitative values and spectral profiles can be processed for any element to determine approximate concentrations of elements that were not originally quantitated without reanalysis. This information can expedite method development or ascertain conformational information of an elements’ presence or matrix composition.

Reanalyzing Data from Previous Analyses

Data for all wavelengths are saved and can be loaded and reanalyzed at any time. This feature provides peace of mind for unexpected happenings with quality control or limited sample quantities.


Three Functions Make Method Optimization Easy

Automatic Wavelength Selection Icon

Automatic Wavelength Selection
This function automatically selects the optimal wavelengths for the measurement sample based on the SB ratio and whether or not there is interference from the matrix.

Optimal wavelength
Diagnosis Assistant Icon

Diagnosis Assistant
This function automatically checks for any problems with the method and, if any are discovered, it suggests the best way to resolve them. This allows anyone to quickly obtain accurate analytical values.

The function also suggests how to resolve common problems

Interelement Correction

Interelement Correction Icon

This function is useful if high-matrix samples cannot be quantitated accurately due to optical interference at all analytical wavelengths. ICPEsolution software allows users to easily perform interelement correction by simply adding a calibration sample for the interfering element to the calibration curve sample.

Smart at creating methods before analysis icon

Method Development Assistant

Method Development Assistant Icon

This function uses the results of qualitative analysis to automatically create a method (including wavelengths and calibration curve concentrations) depending on the concentrations of the elements targeted for measurement and the matrix in the sample. User method development can be performed smoothly.

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