EST Evolution P&T and Centurion Autosampler

Volatiles Analysis by GCMS


EST Evolution
  • The EST Evolution P&T features low carryover, superior moisture control, easy maintenance, user diagnostics, and excellent chromatographic peak resolution
  • The EST Centurion Autosampler offers water-only or water+soil models, two standard addition reservoirs, inert Peak tubing to reduce carryover, a graphic user interface, and separate soil and water needles to eliminate cross-contamination
  • Additional selections for the EST system include an optional 3rd standard reservoir for full method flexibility, and an optional syringe for dilutions and automated calibrations

Product Description

Because you need a reliable VOC solution

As detection limits have been pushed lower, and Mass Spectrometer systems more sensitive, moisture control is the key to the overall stability of the complete VOC system. The EST Evolution is designed to remove water during the purge process. As you purge, the water and VOCs travel through the Moisture Reduction Trap (MoRT), preventing the water from contacting the analytical trap, minimizing volume of the desorb pathway, and sharpening chromatographic peak resolution. With a cool-down time of less than two minutes, cycle time and productivity are optimized.

In the Centurion AS, water vials are never moved to a processing station, but remain in the autosampler tray, saving time. The Centurion uses a fixed loop to deliver reproducible volumes of sample to the concentrator. The optional syringe can be used for dilutions (up to 1:200) or to generate calibration standards at point-of-use so they don’t degrade with time.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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