iMScope QT Imaging Mass Microscope

Imaging Mass Microscope

A MALDI-MS imaging system equipped with a powerful optical microscope

The iMScope QT system provides fast, high-resolution imaging for efficient data analysis

The iMScope QT system is an atmospheric pressure MALDI-MS imaging system equipped with an optical microscope. You can easily attach and detach the LCMS Q-TOF, switching between mass spectrometry imaging and LC/MS analysis. The versatility of the system enables you to perform a broad range of applications.

With the iMScope QT system, you can also capture high-resolution images for efficient data analysis – with pixels that are five microns in size. These fine details enable you to accurately assess your sample.

Key Features

Key features of the iMScope QT Imaging Mass Microscope
  • Powerful, 20kHz laser for fast imaging
  • High spatial resolution, offering 5 um pixel spacing
  • Integrated optical microscope for combined analysis
  • High sensitivity imaging through a combination of atmospheric pressure MALDI and QTOF detection

Quick Specs

Laser Repetition Frequency Max. 20 kHz
Laser Diameter Min. ≤ 5 µm, Max. ≥ 100 µm
Imaging Acquisition Maximum Speed ≥ 50 pixel/sec*
Microscope Magnification Three levels (×5, ×10, ×40)

* When a single m/z image of m/z 400 is captured with laser fired for 2 msec at 5 μm pitch, and 10000 pixels in the High-speed mode and no data matrix generated


Built in optical microscope for a unique user experience

  • Optical microscope for seamless MS Imaging experiment set-up and analysis.

    The iMScope QT system contains an optical microscope that enables you to easily take microscope images to identify morphology to guide MALDI-MSI analysis.

    IMAGEREVEAL allows for easy analysis between microscope and MSI images.

  • Built in optical microscope for a unique user experience

20kHz laser and 5um pixel resolution for fast, routine morphological and molecular analysis

  • 20kHz laser and 5um pixel resolution for fast, routine morphological and molecular analysis
  • Generate images quickly without sacrificing quality

    The 20kHz laser in the iMScope QT, in combination with the LCMS-9030/9050, enables rapid data collection while maintaining high sensitivity. The use of atmospheric pressure MALDI prevents matrix sublimation to facilitate complete sample analysis without loosing data quality.

A complete MS imaging solution from a single, trusted vendor

  • Shimadzu's solutions takes you from A to Z for imaging experiments

    Shimadzu offers a complete imaging solution from matrix application to data analysis. The iMLayer and iMLayer Aero offer two approaches for automated matrix application. The iMLayer provides a solution for matrix sublimation, with integrated technology to monitor matrix layer thickness for reproducible results and high spatial resolution imaging. The iMLayer Aero allows for both sample derivatization and matrix application through automated spraying. The combination of the iMLayer and iMLayer Aero through a two-step matrix application gives both high spatial resolution and high sensitivity for imaging analysis. IMAGEREVEAL is a powerful solution for data analysis offering a vendor neutral and easy to use software. Multiple analysis modes offer a complete analysis solution to simplify data analysis.

  • A complete MS imaging solution from a single, trusted vendor


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