CLAM-2040 - Specs

Fully Automated Sample Preparation Module for LCMS


The CLAM-2040 is a fully automated sample preparation module for LCMS that performs LC-MS/MS analysis by simply loading blood collection tubes, reagents, and dedicated filtration vials into the system. Automation of the process shortens the time required for pretreatment, reduces errors and variability, and further improves efficiency of research or business processes.

Liquid volume treated

Max. 350 μL

Pretreatment processes

Sample dispensing, reagent dispensing, stirring, suction filtration, and heating (Up to 20 processes can be specified.)

Pretreatment method

Sample pre-treatments for multiple samples are overlapped.

Number of placeable vials

Max. 60 filtration vials and 60 collection vials

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