Method Package for Water Quality Analysis

Method Package for Water Quality Analysis (Golf Course Pesticides and Pesticides Targeted for Water Quality Control)

Method package for water quality analysis - golf course pesticides

There is a growing concern about many of the pesticides used to maintain the turf at golf courses due to the possibility of pesticide runoff contaminating nearby fresh water sources and tap water. Pesticides in drinking water are regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as well as at the state level.  

In this method package, analytical conditions and compound data are provided for 44 pesticides commonly used to treat turf at golf courses.  Pesticides that are commonly monitored by water quality control agencies are also included. This package enables analysis without the troublesome process of investigating the separation conditions required for LC/MS/MS analysis, or optimization of the MS parameters for each of the target compounds. As a result, batch analysis of multiple components can be efficiently performed.

Analysis Example

Measurements of golf course wastewater were performed. MRM chromatograms (simazine, diazinon, isoxathion, and triflumizole as examples) are shown for sample solutions (no standard samples added), and sample solutions with either 10 μg/L or 50 μg/L of standard samples added. In the wastewater used here, no pesticides were detected. However in the sample solutions with the standard samples added, the concentrations at 1/3 to 1/10 of the indicator values were all detected with excellent S/N ratios, and no interference from contaminating components.

Method package for water quality analysis - golf course pesticides - simazine, diazinon, isoxathion, trifulimizole

No standard samples added

Method package for water quality analysis - golf course pesticides

Standard samples added

In addition, an example is shown of the analysis of 32 pesticides targeted for water quality control using this method package. Excellent repeatability and linearity were obtained over 6 consecutive analyses of the standard samples for each pesticide. Quantitative limits falling below 5 times the target value concentrations are also shown for all of the components. (In actual sample analysis, during pretreatment, samples are concentrated 500 times with solid-phase columns. In reality, detection of 5 times the target value concentration is required in order to detect 1/100 of the target value concentration.)

Method package for water quality analysis - golf course pesticides

List of Registered Compounds

Golf Course Pesticides
Acetamiprid Fenitrothion Propyzamide
Azoxystrobin Flazasulfuron Pyributicarb
Bensulide Flutolanil Siduron
Boscalid Harosulfuron-methyl Simazine
Butamifos Imidacloprid Simeconazole
Cafenstrole Iprodione Tebuconazole
Cafenstrole metabolite Isoprothiolane Tebufenozide
Clothianidin Isoxathion Terbucarb
Cumyluron Mecoprop Tetraconazol
Cyclosulfamron Mepronil Thiamethoxam
Cyproconazole Metalaxyl Thifluzamide
Diazinon Oxaziclomefone Triclopyr
Difenoconazole Pencycuron Triflumizole
Dithiopyr Pendimethalin Triflumizole metabolite
Ethoxysulfron Propiconazole  
Pesticides Targeted for Water Quality Control
2,4-D Fipronil MPP sulfone
Asulam Flazasulfuron MPP sulfoxide
Azoxystrobin Halosulfuron-methyl Probenazole
Bensulfuron-methyl Iprodione Siduron
Bensulid(SAP) MBC Simazine(CAT)
Bentazone Mecoprop(MCPP) Thiobencarb
Carbaryl(NAC) Methomyl Thiodicarb
Carbofuran MPP Thiuram
Carpropamid MPP oxon Triclopyr
Diuron(DCMU) MPP oxon sulfone Tricyclazole
Dymuron MPP oxon sulfoxide  

Remarks and Precautions

  1. Shimadzu makes no warranty regarding the accuracy of information included in the database or the usefulness of information obtained from using the database.

  2. Be sure to perform tests using standard samples to confirm qualitative and quantitative information obtained with the given system.

  3. To reliably identify registered substances using this database, measure samples using the instrument parameters specified in the method template files included in the product.

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