LCMS-8060 Triple Quadrupole Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (LC-MS/MS)

LCMS-8060 - redefining LC-MS/MS detection limits and quantitative capabilities

The LCMS-8060 has redefined LC-MS/MS detection limits and quantitative capabilities. With new ion focusing technology, the 8060 creates a meaningful impact on trace quantitative detection by opening new opportunities for scientists to deliver solutions that truly make a difference.


Unmatched Sensitivity

Shimadzu has redefined “sensitivity” with the LCMS-8060. The newly developed UF-Qarray ion guide incorporates groundbreaking technology that increases LC-MS/MS sensitivity by enhancing ion signal intensity and reducing noise. By improving the ion sampling device, the ion guide, and the vacuum efficiency, the LCMS-8060 delivers a new standard for sensitivity.



The innovative design of the Qarray allows for enhancement of ion signal while simultaneously reducing noise. This yields ultra-low detection limits, allowing for trace quantitation.

In addition to obtaining high-quality data with extraordinary sensitivity, the LCMS-8060 delivers qualitative information concurrently. Product ion scans can be triggered by a pre-set threshold. This enables the simultaneous collection of multiple MRM events with full scan product ion spectra at different collision energies.

Product Ion Scan Data

Unmatched Speed

Solutions, Sensitivity, and Speed Diagram

Ultra Fast – Scanning & Switching

The LCMS-8060 delivers the fastest quadrupole scan speed of up to 30,000 u/second with a 0.1 Dalton step size without the loss of mass accuracy. With the fastest polarity switching available, switching acquisition mode from positive to negative only takes 5 msec. Data acquisition occurs so rapidly that triggered MS/MS scans and MRM quantitation can be performed in a single acquisition method.

MRM chromatograms of 105 Pesticides

MRM chromatograms of 105 pesticides (300 pg/mL each) using a polarity switching speed of 5 msec and a sampling window of 65 compounds in 400 msec loop time

LabSolutions Insight Data Review Software

Multi-Analyte Quantitative Software included with every new Shimadzu LC-MS/MS


High throughput data analysis software package that enables faster quantitative analysis and more effective reviewing of multi-analyte panels particularly for food, cannabis, clinical research, and forensics markets.

LabSolutions LC-MS/MS data review software with library searching

LabSolutions LC-MS/MS data review software with library searching

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LabSolutions Insight Library Screening: MRM Spectrum Mode

Learn More about MRM Spectrum Mode

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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