HPLC Fraction Collectors

FRC-40 Fraction Collector for High-Performance Liquid Chromatography HPLC

FRC-40 Fraction Collector

The FRC-40 for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) significantly advances preparative scale fractionation by simplifying purification procedures, offering an improved purification workflow, and providing more efficient use of bench space. It’s open bed design allows many types of vessels to be used simultaneously. The fraction collector can analyze data from up to four sources, making it an ideal for mass-directed fractionation. Up to 6 FRC-40’s can be configured on a single system for expanded fractionation needs.


FRC-40 Specifications

  • The FRC-40 has an open bed design that can accommodate up to 9 standard racks and flow rates to 150 mL/minute.
  • An almost infinite number of custom racks can be taught and up to 6 FRC-40’s can be multiplexed together for increased sample capacity.
FRC-10A Fraction Collector


FRC-10A Fraction Collector

A proprietary band function enables obtaining accurate fractions even when the peak elution time varies, by catching the target component according to variations in the chromatogram. If connected to workstation software, fractions can be simulated on screen to determine whether or not the fraction program is appropriate.


Small and Large Volume Collection Capacity

The FRC-10A collects both analytical and preparative fractions. The standard configuration has a 144 5mL vial capacity. The large volume kit can be added for large volume collection.

Precise Peltier Temperature Control

For automated collection of thermally-labile fractions, Peltier temperature control keeps temperatures stable within a 4-70º C range.

Simplified Graphical Parameter Entry

Set up fractionation parameters graphically from the SCL-10AVP System Controller. Eliminate the guesswork of determining slope and level values.

Fraction Collection Flexibility

Tailor the collection to your application requirements.Choose from collection criteria such as volume, threshold, and peak purity. A precise peak division feature ensures high purity fractions. The FRC-10A automatically adjusts for retention time shifts, so that only the peak of interest is collected. Our slope-override capability enables continued collection, even when the detector signal is off-scale.

Drive System and Fraction Collection Methods Arm-Movement X-Y System
Select either solenoid valve or direct through nozzle
Fraction Modes Manual or programmed fraction collection by combining 14 types of parameters, such as slope, level, and band
Number of Fractions 16 to 144
Collection Tubes Glass: 3.5, 5, 20, 32, or 50 mL, or user supplied
Polypropylene: 4.5, 5, 25, or 50 mL, or user supplied

A CBM-20A or SCL-10AVP controller is required to control FRC-10A fraction collectors.

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