ELSD-LT III - Features

Evaporative Light Scattering Detector for HPLC

Unique design achieves universal detection

Detects compounds with poor UV absorption

ELSDs can detect almost all compounds apart from volatile compounds. They detect irradiated light scattered by microparticles of target components that remain after the mobile phase has evaporated,  meaning they can detect the compound which has the poor UV absorption or has that around short-wavelength where is strongly affected by the background absorption of the mobile phase.
Unlike refractive index detectors, ELSDs are compatible with gradient elution, which means they can be used to analyze multiple components simultaneously.

Chromatogram of a standard solution of 7 oligosaccharides


Column Amino column (250 mmL. x 5.0 mmI.D., 5 μm)
Mobile phase Water and acetonitrile
ELSD-LT III and PDA… Gradient elution
RID… Isocratic elution
Mobile phase flow rate 1.0 mL/min

High sensitivity even for semi-volatile components

To the drainage outlet


Featuring a unique nebulizer and drift tube design, the ELSD-LT III can efficiently evaporate samples even at low temperatures just by injecting a fine mist of mobile phase into the drift tube. As a result, it can detect both non-volatile and semi-volatile substances.

It also includes a mechanism for focusing samples at the detection point with assist gas, achieving even higher sensitivity.

High sensitivity even for semi-volatile components


High sensitivity and a wide dynamic range

High-sensitivity analysis with a laser light source

A high-power laser source offers superior sensitivity not possible with previous ELSD models. The photometricallycontrolled laser ensures that the high sensitivity remains stable over long periods of operation.

Chromatograms of sulfanilamide



The ELSD-LT III includes a unique function that extends the dynamic range to enable detection over a signal intensity range of up to 5 orders of magnitude without switching gain levels. This enables the analysis of samples containing particularly high- or low-concentration compounds which would normally be difficult to quantify with one gain level, reducing both the total analysis time and the amount of solvent needed.

1 ppm 0.5 Simultaneous analysis of maltooligosaccharides


Compact design with excellent usability

Installation space reduced significantly

The ELSD-LT III boasts a compact design with around 2/3 the height of the previous model, and can be installed on top of the LC unit. The width of the whole system is reduced, saving precious lab space.

Installation space reduced significantly

Improved data reliability

Data reliability is improved by continuously recording nebulizer gas pressure and drift tube temperature. Data acquisition is begun after confirming that the drift tube has reached a specified temperature. Any unexpected drop in gas pressure is treated as an error, and the instrument automatically stops to protect the detector in case the gas supply is depleted.

Improved data reliability
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