Nexera UHPLC/HPLC System

Ideally Suited for HPLC to UHPLC Analyses

The Nexera X2 offers superb performance and leading edge functionality by maintaining a modular system design with the LC-30AD pump, SIL-30AC autosampler, and CTO-30A column oven while adding new features like mobile phase blending to support the user over a wide range of analysis scenarios. From legacy HPLC methods with standard analytical column sizes to high-throughput UHPLC methods with small particle columns and higher pressure tolerances, the Nexera X2 is a true all-round LC system that excels at all types of separations. High-speed injection and multi-solvent loop, needle, and injection port rinsing capability make the SIL-30AC the fastest and cleanest autosampler on the market. The new LC-30AD solvent blending feature mixes up to eight solvents for online dilution, pH adjustment, and modifier addition, which reduces tedious mobile phase preparation during method optimization.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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