Nexera HPLC/UHPLC Autosampler - SIL-40CX3

The beauty of our new autosamplers lies within their ability to maintain ultra-low carryover with fast injection cycles. By placing the needle in the flow path, the entire sample path is constantly being flushed with the mobile phase gradient. Injections are designed to be clean with minimum cycle times, ensuring reliable and rapid analysis. Such autosamplers can be equipped with up to 3 of our new plate changers, allowing users to reach a capacity as high as 16,000+ samples on a single system. Shimadzu’s latest cooled autosamplers can reach the set temperature in 20 minutes, critically important for heat-sensitive samples. Various automated pretreatment functions are now standard on all models, improving throughput and precision by eliminating the need for manual sample preparation. Unique co-injection pretreatment can improve the peak shape of early eluting compounds while avoiding incorrect peak integration. Dual injection mode doubles the throughput and enables 2 complementary analyses to run simultaneously on a single system, saving your precious time and space in the laboratory. LabSolutions software allows results from multiple analyses to be displayed on a single report (using our latest Multi Data Reporting option).


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SIL-40CX3 Features

Expand your chromatographic precision and accuracy with our highest performing autosampler.  This new design gives you the fastest reproducible injections with improved sample cooling.  Maximize your confidence in low-level quantitation with injection volumes down to 0.1 µL and ultra-low carryover with external needle and multi-solvent internal rinsing as standard features.  The SIL-40C X3 is ideal for sub-2µm FPP or SPP columns with its pressure rating of up to 130 MPa (1300 bar). This autosampler is paired with LC-40D X3 or LC-40B X3 UHPLC pumps. Short cycle times increase sample throughput for high-efficiency separations while maintaining wide injection volume flexibility for UHPLC applications. 


SIL-40CX3 Specifications

  • Features a needle in the flow path design to minimize carryover.
  • Standard sample loop (50 µL), an optional sample loop (2000 µL) and a fixed-loop configuration (5 or 20 µL) are available.
  • Total injection method: 0.1 to 50 µL in increments of 0.1 µL from 0.1 to 9.9 µL, and 1 µL from 10-50 µL.
  • Performs sample pretreatment including dilution, reagent addition, co-injection of samples, stacked injection, and overlapped injection.
  • Temperature control from 4 to 45°C (± 2°C accuracy,) with a forced air cooling mechanism to reduce condensation.
  • Industry-leading cycle time of ≤ 7 seconds.
  • Injection volume repeatability: RSD ≤1.0% for 0.5-0.9 µL, RSD ≤0.5% for 1.0-1.9 µL, RSD ≤0.25% for 2.0-4.9 µL, RSD ≤0.15% for injections ≥5.0 µL.
  • Injection volume accuracy of ±1% for 5 μL injections (n=20).
  • Carryover performance: 0.0015% (no needle rinsing) and 0.0003% (with rinse).
  • Equipped with both a static rinse port and an active rinse pump to rinse the outside of the needle before and/or after aspirating sample.
  • A 3-solvent internal rinse option is available to clean the inside of the needle and loop after sample injection to further reduce carryover.
  • A dual injection mechanism can be installed for high throughput operation or complementary analysis.
  • Maximum pressure rating of 130 MPa (1300 bar).

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