Nexera HPLC/UHPLC Column Oven - CTO-40S

Nexera HPLC/UHPLC Column Oven - CTO-40S

Shimadzu has designed the new 40 series column ovens to optimize temperature control accuracy and stability. The new forced hot air circulation with Peltier cooling designs are equipped with automatic fan speed control, maximizing thermal transfer between the heater and the column compartment even in the case of power source voltage fluctuations.


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CTO-40S Features

The new CTO-40S Slim Line column oven is ideal for saving space while maintaining excellent thermal stability. The new built-in dual leak sensors can detect small leakages of the mobile phase. Warming up the sample band and mobile phase in the column inlet tubing to match the set oven temperature is possible with an optional preheating system. A switching valve can be installed for 2-column selction, and an additional valve can be added at the top of the oven for diverting flow to and away from an MS source.


CTO-40S Specifications

  • Temperature control range is (ambient - 10)°C to 85°C and the temperature setting range is 4°C to 85°C in 1°C steps.
  • Temperature accuracy is ±0.8°C.
  • Temperature control precision is ± 0.1°C.
  • The column oven will have time programming capability in stand-alone (320 steps) or system-controlled configuration for setting temperature ranges and oven ON / OFF.
  • The oven can store at least 6 columns of 100 mm length or 3 columns of 300 mm length.
  • The oven can mount one manual injector, 2 flow-channel selection valves (one inside and one outside), a gradient mixer and a cell block of the conductivity detector.
  • The oven can use a mixer recognition device to log the size of the mixer installed.
  • The oven can communicate with an optional column management device to track column history.
  • Unit dimension is 130mm x 540mm x 500mm (WxHxD).

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