Nexera HPLC/UHPLC UV-Vis Detector - SPD-40V

SPD-40V UV-vis detector for hplc and uhplc

Experience highly sensitive measurement and stable analysis throughout the entire wavelength range with the new high-performance SPD-40V UV-Vis detector. Noise and drift are minimized by the fully temperature controlled optical system and flow cell. The signal-to-noise ratio is enhanced by an improved optical system and a high-order digital filter. It can be operated in dual wavelength mode that simultaneously provides chromatograms of two wavelengths or ratio chromatograms, and in wavelength scanning mode to provide absorbance spectra of a single peak. The built-in cell ID stores the cell information in the LabSolutions method. Both the deuterium (D2) and tungsten (W) lamps have a built-in chip to monitor usage hours.


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SPD-40V UV-Vis Specifications

  • Extended wavelength range of 190 nm - 1000 nm, with wavelength accuracy ± 1 nm.
  • Low noise (4.0 x 10-6 AU), and drift (0.1 x10-3 AU/hour) for maximum sensitivity.
  • Contains both a deuterium (D2) and tungsten (W) lamp.
  • Built-in holmium filter for wavelength accuracy check.
  • Users can monitor two wavelengths simultaneously with a sampling period of 0.5 seconds.
  • Monitored and controlled through a standard web browser or various HPLC and LC-MS/MS software.
  • Built-in cell ID that is automatically recorded in analysis data file.
  • Linear up to 2.5 AU (ASTM method).
  • Pressure tolerance of 12 MPa.
  • Standard flow cell has a 10 mm path length, 12 µL volume; maximum pressure MPa/120 bar.
  • Integrated 2 channel analog output for triggering a fraction collector.
  • Optional flow cells that can be changed by the user: UHPLC (8 µL), semi-micro (2.5 µL), inert (12 µL), preparative (0.8 µL, 1.6 µL, or 4.0 µL depending on path length) and high-pressure (12 µL).

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