Nexera Prep HPLC System

Optimal Solutions for the Entire Preparative Workflow

Nexera Prep HPLC System

The most important aspects of separation and purification are purity results, preparative processing speed, and cost-effectiveness. The Nexera preparative LC system enhances all of these aspects in each scale-up process, delivering clean, repeatable isolates in an efficient manner. Versatile hardware configurations, a complete selection of columns, and a user-friendly workflow accommodate requirements from semi-micro and conventional to large-scale purification and pretreatment.


  • Easy optimization of preparative parameters

The preparative LC system performs automatic simulations using the pre-preparative results. With the LabSolutions fractionation simulator (patent pending), specify the peak segment in the chromatogram to fractionate, and the system automatically sets the parameters required for fractionation, significantly reducing the time spent on setting fractionation conditions.

  • Robust solvent Delivery
From semi-prep (3 to 20 mL/min.) to preparative flow rates (up to 150 mL/min)
  • Efficient, easy to use fraction collector
Fraction Collector - FRC-40

The FRC-40 features an open-access design, a parameter simulation to ensure pure fractions, compatibility with many racks, and up to 4-channel acquisition. Up to 6 FRC-40’s can be configured on a single system for expanded fractionation needs.

Learn more here.

  • Versatile liquid handler

A combination of autosampler and fraction collector, the LH-40 liquid handler can perform everything from sample injection to sample recovery while suppressing contamination with a proprietary injection method. Learn more here.

  • Extensive column lineup

With different particle sizes (1.9 μm, 3 μm, 5 μm) and different column dimensions, Shim-pack Scepter LC columns are fully scalable between UHPLC, HPLC and preparative LC, making method transfer seamless between different laboratory instrumentation.

  • Multiple system configurations
  • Preparative LC – This system supports a wide range of loads, injection volumes, and number of fractions. It can be used as an all-purpose prep LC system to support a diverse range of samples.
  • Preparative LCMS – Single-quad LCMS-2020 system provides more information about your preparative runs and enables you to collect the right peak. Learn more here.
  • Recycling Preparative LC – With this system, the elution liquid containing the target components eluted from the separation column is re-injected into the column, enabling an equivalent separation capacity to that of a longer column. The figure below shows the results of a seven-cycle recycling separation, showing how the system ultimately obtains better separation (blue area).
  • Multi-Fraction Collector System – This is the optimal system when there are many fractions. The number of fraction collectors can be expanded up to six units.
  • Re-Chromatographic Preparative System – Everything up to fraction purity checks after preparation can be performed with a single system.
  • Semi-Preparative SFC System – Benchtop system delivers fast separations, high recovery rates, and outstanding data quality in conjunction with streamlined processes that reduce inefficiencies. Learn more here.

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