Nexera HPLC/UHPLC Pump - LC-40D X3


Discover faster analysis, better resolution, and more reproducible chromatography with our new flagship UHPLC pump. Our industry leading LC-40D X3 pump ensures precision and accuracy at all flow rates. The ultra-high pressure capacity (up to 130 MPa/1300 bar) allows the of sub-2μm particle columns for high efficiency chromatography, especially for LC-MS/MS applications. An internal valve is available for solvent selection, low pressure gradient (LPGE) formation, and blending functions.

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LC-40D X3 Specifications

  • Parallel dual micro plunger (10 µL) construction for low pulsation and stable baseline.
  • Flow rate range from 0.1 uL/min to 10 mL/min with accuracy of ± 1% (whichever is larger), and precision within < 0.06% or 0.02 min SD (whichever is larger) of the set flow rate.
  • Operable in constant flow or constant pressure mode, as well as isocratic, binary high-pressure gradient, ternary high-pressure gradient, or quaternary low-pressure gradient mode.
  • The pump can display total operating time, volume of solvent delivered for each seal, and maintenance, error and operation logs.
  • Maximum pressure of 130 MPa/1300 bar (3mL/min) with pH range of 1-14.
  • Unique FlowPilot technology ramps up the pump flow gradually, waits for the column to reach its set temperature, then ramps to the set flow rate, reducing potential column damage from pressure shock.
  • FlowPilot automatic diagnostic and recovery capabilities allow monitoring of pressure fluctuations for anomalies, restoration of normal operation, and can alert users of low solvent levels.
  • Users can set solvent compressibility to further reduce pulsation during operation.
  • Internal solvent selection valve (2 or 4-channel) or a low-pressure gradient formation (LPGE) unit can be added as options.
  • Includes a seal wash kit to minimize salt precipitation if buffered mobile phases are used.
  • Can be controlled by the LCD front panel keypad, web browser, and various HPLC and LC-MS/MS software.

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