Nexera HPLC/UHPLC System Controller - CBM-40 Lite

CBM-40Lite System Controller

The beauty of modular HPLC/UHPLC systems is in their versatility and expandability. A system controller acts as a communication hub between the various system modules and control software. Shimadzu offers three types of system controllers to meet every need.

CBM-40 Lite System Controller Features

Central communication and control module accessory board for the New Nexera Series (LC-40) UHPLC. The Lite is installed in either a pump or autosampler. Other LC modules connect via fiber optic cables for easy "plug and play" system configuration. An internal web server offers convenient control and monitoring of the UHPLC system through a web browser, LabSolutions CDS, or other thrid-party software.


CBM-40 Lite System Controller Specifications

  • Connection via Ethernet
  • Offers 4 Fiber Optic ports for controlling other system components; 2 Events; PC-55N A/D boards CANNOT be installed
  • All legacy 20- and 30-Series components may be connected.

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