MALDI-8020 EasyCare Benchtop MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer

Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer

Powerful benchtop MALDI-TOF MS with advanced imaging capabilities

The MALDI-8020 EasyCare system delivers high-end user features while saving laboratory space

The MALDI-8020 EasyCare dual-polarity linear MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer delivers speed and accuracy within a compact design. You can increase throughput and save time with its 200 Hz solid-state laser. The system’s design includes a rapid-moving sample stage and load lock chamber for fast sample introduction and data acquisition.

The MALDI-8020 EasyCare is uniquely suited for a variety of applications, from peptides, proteins to polymer characterization. The system is fully contained within its compact design, and with the addition of the MALDI-TOF Imaging Starter Kit, MS imaging on a benchtop system is now possible.

Key Features

Key features of the MALDI-8030 EasyCare Dual-Polarity Benchtop Linear MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer
  • Linear MALDI-TOF system supports MS Imaging at a benchtop scale
  • Fast MS with a 200 Hz solid-state laser
  • WideBore ion optics technology for class-leading sensitivity and resolution
  • TrueClean technology enables automated ion optics cleaning
  • EasyCare technology enables optics cleaning and detector and deflector tuning
  • Load-lock chamber for rapid sample introduction
  • Quiet operation (<55 dB) from oil-free diaphragm pump

Quick Specs

Laser Speed 200 Hz
Resolution >5000 FWHM – ACTH 18-39 (m/z 2465)
Polarity Linear Positive
Size 450 mm x 745 mm x 1055 mm
Sound Quiet (<55 dB)


A compact, benchtop footprint designed to save laboratory space

  • The MALDI-8020 EC saves benchtop space without sacrificing performance

    The system spans a width of only 450 mm and easily fits into tight spaces on a laboratory bench. It is also light for easy transport, weighing only 92 kg. While this system is small, it still has high sensitivity and resolving power for a linear TOF analyzer.

  • A compact, benchtop footprint designed to save laboratory space

Best-in-Class sensitivity and resolution for accurate sample analysis

  • Best-in-Class sensitivity and resolution for accurate sample analysis
  • WideBore ion optic technology increases both system sensitivity and resolution

    The patented WideBore optics utilizes near normal (on-axis) incidence of the MALDI laser beam and a wide orifice to produce outstanding ion beam transmission efficiency and performance. This design also reduces contamination of the ion optics from desorbed samples. This is particularly beneficial during high-throughput MS imaging experiments.

Routine maintenance in your hands

  • Manually clean the ion optics and autotune the instrument.

    MALDI-8020 EC units enable users to maintain their systems by performing instrument maintenance through manually cleaning the instrument optics. Optics can be easily accessed by opening the instrument side panel and then removed for cleaning. The MALDI solutions software that comes with the EasyCare units allows end users to perform instrument tuning with two options: detector only, or a full tuning workflow, which involves the manual optics cleaning, as well as deflector and detector tuning. This offers the opportunity to improve instrument performance without the need for a service visit.

  • MALDI EasyCare to manually clean the ion optics and autotune the instrument.


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