XSeeker 8000 - Applications

Benchtop Microfocus X-Ray CT System

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Key Application Areas

Porosity in resin/aluminum/additive manufacturing parts The optional software VGStudio Max allows for the inspection of porosity. The software suite allows for qualitative and quantiative analyses of porosity.
Failure Analysis VGStudio Max is our optional software package that allows for identification and analysis of cracks, voids and other failure modes.
Food Density The X-ray CT scans allows for in depth analysis of the density of organic matter.
Foreign Materials Detection The built in 3D image previewing feature allows users to detect foreign materials in a repeatable manner.
Layer structure identification CT scans allow for the discrete and comprehensive identification of layers within a sample.

Aluminum Diecast: Piston for Motorcycle

Aluminum Diecast: Piston for Motorcycle

Aluminum Diecast: Drone Engine Parts

Aluminum Diecast: Drone engine parts

Resin Parts: Motorcycle Turn Signal Lamps

Resin parts: motorcycle turn signal lamps

Resin Parts: Cable Gland

Resin Parts: Cable gland

Electrical Parts: AC Adapters

Electrical parts: AC adapters

Metallic AM: Acetabular Samples

Metallic AM: Acetabular samples

Bone: Tarsier

Bone: tarsier

Food: Cup Noodles (mini size)

Food: Cup noodles (mini size)


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