XSeeker 8000 Benchtop Microfocus X-Ray CT System

Benchtop Microfocus X-Ray CT System

Fast, powerful CT scanning to meet your inspection needs

The XSeeker 8000 has an intuitive design and rapid scanning to help you perform inspections quickly

The XSeeker 8000 is a benchtop X-ray computed tomography (CT) system, featuring a high-powered 160 kV X-ray source, precision stage, and high-resolution detector. A CT scan can be initiated by selecting a set of pre-programmed scan conditions and simply pressing the start button without compromising technical sophistication. A data acquisition can be completed in as little as 12 seconds. The XSeeker 8000 empowers users to conduct meticulous inspections of internal structures, identify defects, and uphold the quality standards of resin and aluminum die-cast components.

Key Features

Key features of the XSeeker 8000 Benchtop Microfocus X-Ray CT System
  • Small size for space and energy savings
  • High-output X-ray generator for improved analysis
  • Intuitive design features for easy operation
  • Advanced flat panel detector to display fine details
  • Rigorous safety mechanisms to protect users

Quick Specs

X-Ray Generator Output

160 kV 1.2 mA

Max. Sample Size/Weight

φ11.8"×H 12.6",22 lbs (Including sample setting jig)

Max. System Resolution Capability

100 µm

CT Data Acquisition Time

12 sec or 5 minutes

System Rated Output

Single phase 100 to 240 V AC ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz, 1.0 kVA

Analyze various materials with rapid scans and powerful X-ray output

  • Easily scan thick plastic and metal parts

    The XSeeker 8000 provides a fast scan speed of 12 seconds. The system is equipped with the same reconstruction system as high-end models, so it can display CT data in as little as 10 seconds after scanning is complete. It operates at twice the speed as other Shimadzu CT models, enabling quick inspections.

    The scanner also contains a high-output X-ray generator that can penetrate thick objects, including plastic, resin and metal parts. It has an X-ray output of 160 kilovolts (kV), enabling it to provide clear, sharp images.

  • Analyze various materials with rapid scans and powerful X-ray output

Quickly start scanning with our intuitive design features and easy setup

  • CT scanning made easy with a single push button
  • CT scanning made easy with a single push button

    The XSeeker 8000 features an intuitive design that is easy for anyone to operate. To get started, simply position your sample and press the start button. The system will automatically set the observation conditions, including the position and level of contrast. This feature improves throughput during inspections, as you do not need to reset the observation conditions after each scan. Instead, you can view your sample immediately, saving time.

Save valuable space with the compact build of our benchtop CT scanner

  • The smallest, lightest CT system in its class

    The XSeeker is the smallest and lightest benchtop CT scanner in its X-ray power output category. It is ideal for small laboratory workspaces. The system also meets the minimum standards for loading into a passenger elevator, enabling easy transportation. Despite its compact frame, the XSeeker 8000 can hold samples with a diameter of up to 11.8 inches and a height of 12.6 inches. You can certainly save on lab space and a special power supply is not required.

  • Save valuable space with the compact build of our benchtop CT scanner


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