inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR Plus Micro-Focus X-Ray Computed Tomography System

For High-Resolution and High-Contrast Micro-Focus X-Ray Computed Tomography Applications

inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR Micro-Focus X-Ray Computed Tomography System


inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR Plus Software

The user-friendly inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR Plus software offers fast data processing and detailed post-analysis functions.

HPC inspeXio Version 3.0

Easy-to-use with live images to assist sample positioning and fast data processing, the HPC inspeXio version 2 drastically increases productivity.

Capture Window

  • Zoom in/out of live x-ray images and alter the position of points of interest.
  • Automatically optimize the display contrast and brightness based on a sample’s material.

X-Ray Controller and Safety Indicators

  • Control x-ray output and perform tube aging.
  • The safety status of the instrument is monitored, including door interlocks.

CT Stage Live View of the Sample

  • Shows the scan area of the sample.
  • Includes an automatic x-ray optimization function and a field-of-view navigation setting.

Parameter Recommendation

  • In addition to the advanced parameter settings, nine pre-set scan parameters incorporate a combination of material density and CT image quality settings, obviating the need to set each parameter individually.

Fast Reconstruction

  • Due to large data sets, CT image processing is often slow. The inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR Plus system boasts a high-performance computing system which runs calculations in parallel with data collection, significantly reducing analysis time.

High-performance computing system which runs calculations in parallel with data collection

Multi Planar Reconstruction Software

Instant Access to Your CT Images

Shimadzu’s Multi Planar Reconstruction software reformats CT images at arbitrary planes. A CT volume dataset is built by stacking Z-axial slices. The software cuts slices through the volume in mutually orthogonal planes and allows reconstruction in  non-orthogonal planes, enabling examination of samples side to side, straight up and down, and at any angles.

Shimadzu Multi Planar Reconstruction Software

3D CT Scan Region Display Function

Immediately after acquiring a whole view of your sample, the 3D CT Scan Region Display function allows the user to set a new area of interest at a higher magnification based on the current field of view. The mobile CT stage is manipulated through the Multi Planar Reconstruction software. It allows the user to intuitively alter the scan area for a detailed inspection.

3D CT Scan Region Display Function


Advanced 3D Image Reconstruction

The user can intuitively crop and enlarge any area of interest without rescanning the sample. The high-resolution detector allows acquiring enlarged cross-sectional images with clear definition, even if analyzing a large sample that cannot be scanned at a high geometric magnification.

Ultra-high resolution reconstruction CT data of the entire field of view


Optional Post Image-Processing and Analysis Software

Metal Artifact Reduction Software

The Metal Artifact Reduction Software is a reconstruction program which reduces metal artifacts in cross-sectional images. This software allows for easier and more accurate analyses in cross-sectional images. Shimadzu’s original algorithm optimizes the parameters for image reconstruction based on a sample’s material.

Download Brochure (PDF)

metal artifact reduction software screens


HADI-S 2D Image Analysis Software

HADI-S* offers extensive enhancement and measurement tools, and also allows application-specific macros and plug-ins. Shimadzu’s original plug-in tools are included.

HADI-S 2D Image Analysis Software

*By Smart Vision Corporation


Voxel Data Analysis & Visualization Software

VGSTUDIO and VGSTUDIO MAX* are software programs for the analysis and visualization of CT data. VGSTUDIO offers simple geometrical measurement functions and basic 3D animation creation. The high-end software for visualization and analysis of CT data is VGSTUDIO MAX. Add-on measurement modules, including defect analysis, nominal-actual comparison, and fiber orientation analysis, are available for VGSTUDIO MAX. Pre-packaged application software bundles are also available. Finally, VGSTUDIO MAX can import IGES and STEP files for comparison of manufactured parts. CAD import modules are available to import formats other than IGES or STEP.

VGSTUDIO Max and Import GES Software screens

*By Volume Graphics GmbH

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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