One Interface. Total Control.
Unlimited Access.

LabSolutions client server software seamlessly integrates LCMS, GCMS and much more

With LabSolutions CS, your networked laboratory can achieve effortless integration of diverse instruments including LC, GC, LCMS, GCMS, particle size, ICPMS, UV-Vis, fluorescence, FTIR, TOC, thermal analysis, protein sequencing and material testing.

You get easy monitoring and control of analytical equipment on a single platform, a customized operating environment and secure data management that supports the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11, Good Laboratory Practice principles and Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines. LabSolution CS is ideal for facilities with a large number of instruments and users, but it can add value when combined with only a single instrument.

Key Features

LabSolutions Key Features
  • Concurrent control of most analytical instrument techniques from a single platform
  • Complete secure data management on networked PCs
  • Protected accessibility from any location
  • Enhanced efficiency with integrated server-based network management
  • A single unified audit trail to ensure data integrity

One Interface to connect your entire networked laboratory

  • Leverage one software platform to manage multiple instruments, diverse workflows and divergent data

    With LabSolutions CS, all you need to do is launch one program to manage an array of instruments, workflows, data, personnel input and processes. This single networked solution offers secure data management, audit trails and electronic signatures for your analytical procedures, regardless of the size, complexity and geographic distance of your laboratories. Enhance your confidence in data reliability and boost data accessibility, all while streamlining efficiency, ensuring compliance and expediting discoveries.

  • One Interface to connect your entire networked laboratory

Total Control of management and licensing of analytical instruments

  • Total Control of management and licensing of analytical instruments
  • Centralize control of your diverse analytical instruments with a single interface

    LabSolutions CS software makes it easy to seize control of your chromatography, spectroscopy, mass spec, particle size, thermal analysis and more. Gain the flexibility to monitor and manage instruments from any PC, including data previously confined to individual workstations. Access and analyze data from your lab, ovce or remote location. Centralized data control streamlines compliance procedures by preserving audit trails, managing instrument and data access permissions and administering user privileges from a unified database across the entire network.

Managed access with personnel anywhere in the world

  • Your team can access & process information with the integrated LabSolutions CS data management program

    Personnel using LabSolutions CS can securely access equipment from any location. You can initiate analysis on an instrument using a networked PC in the lab and then remotely control equipment and analyze data from a linked PC in another area. Software managers can regulate access through an active directory, setting global policies to grant specific permissions to the entire group or select members. User access is easy—simply log into a networked PC and activate the software.

  • Managed access with personnel anywhere in the world

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