System GC for Permanent Gas Analysis

Analysis of so-called permanent or fixed gases are critical in a range of energy, petrochemical, and industrial processes. Gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, methane, and oxygen are common in a variety of industrial gas streams. Their presence and concentration may affect process and quality control.

A variety of turnkey analyzers are available on both the GC-2014 and GC-2030 platforms. A TCD is used to quantify fixed gases. A second TCD may be added for the analysis of He and H2. If low level detection of CO and CO2 are required, a MTN/FID can be added as well. In many applications, the permanent gases are impurities in a hydrocarbon matrix. For this reason, an FID comes standard on the GC-2030 base models for the analysis of hydrocarbons, alcohols, or other combustible matrices.

Permanent Gas Analysis Chromatogram

Permanent Gas Analysis Chromatogram

Permanent Gas Analysis Chromatogram


Custom Applications

Custom GC Application Request Form

Custom Application Request

In addition to our full line of System GC Applications, Shimadzu can custom create a GC to meet your application needs. This request form works best in internet explorer.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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