System GC for Refinery Gas Analysis

Analysis of refinery gas components are critical for ensuring proper paraffin and olefin content. Shimadzu’s refinery gas analyzers are constructed to be rugged and reliable with exceptional performance. Our refinery gas systems are configured per ASTM D7833 for gas phase samples. Liquid sample valves can be integrated into the system for compliance with ASTM D1946.

Turnkey systems are available on the GC-2030 platform with dual TCD and FID integration. The FID provides detection of an initial C6+ backflush peak and speciated C1-C5 hydrocarbons. The first TCD provides the analysis of hydrogen in the sample and the second TCD provides analysis of the remaining fixed gases and C2 hydrocarbon components.

Refinery Gas Analysis Chromatogram

Refinery Gas Analysis Chromatogram

Refinery Gas Analysis Chromatogram


Don’t let choosing the appropriate system be overwhelming! Click here to download a convenient petrochemical System GC flier.

Custom Applications

Custom GC Application Request Form

Custom Application Request

In addition to our full line of System GC Applications, Shimadzu can custom create a GC to meet your application needs. This request form works best in internet explorer.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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