System GC for Transformer Oil Gas Analysis (TOGAS)

Analysis of the dissolved gases in transformer insulation and cooling oil is critical to ensuring the safety and longevity of the electronics in which they are used. Over time, thermal and electrical stresses cause the formation of various gases dissolved within the oil. This gas chromatograph system is based on the GC-2014 and is equipped to analyze these trace dissolved gases by ASTM D3612B and D3612C.

Turnkey systems are currently available on the GC-2014 platform with TCD and MTN/FID integration. The TCD provides detection of the fixed gases. The MTN/FID combination provides detection of both CO and CO2 as well as the hydrocarbon components.

Transformer Oil Gas Analysis (TOGAS) Chromatogram with hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen peaks

Transformer Oil Gas Analysis (TOGAS) Chromatogram with methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ethylene, ethane, and acetylene peaks


Custom Applications

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Custom Application Request

In addition to our full line of System GC Applications, Shimadzu can custom create a GC to meet your application needs. This request form works best in internet explorer.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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