Options for the Water Lab - UV-Vis Water Analysis

UV-Vis Water Analysis

The UV-1280 Spectrophotometer
A solid, compact “monitored” beam single monochromator scanning UV-Vis bench with full featured standalone software. The UV-1280 has a wavelength range from 190 to 1100nm and a photometric range to 3 Abs units. The fixed bandwidth of is 5 nm. Conveniently saves data to USB memory.

The Water Analysis Package offers an easy to use and convenient “User Defined” option for the included 39 analytes. This makes the UV-1280 ideal for use with Standard Methods Parts 3000 and 4000 methods, and suitable for all US water regulatory requirements.

The advantages of the UV-1280 and Water Analysis are:

  • Software with user defined functions that allow you to easily prepare and store your own calibration curves for greater accuracy than possible with pre-stored curves.
  • The UV-1280 provides improved day-in day-out reliability with minimal drift and long-term calibration stability.
  • Options for various path length cells allows for larger dynamic range or lower MDL’s.
Name Name
ClO Chlorine(Free) NO2 Nitrite
CN Cyanide(Free) NO2-N Nitrite Nitrogen
CNT Total Cyanide NO3 (1) Nitrate(NO2=0)
COD COD NO3 (2) Nitrate(NO2≦0.05mg/L)
Color Color NO3 (3) Nitrate(NO2≦5mg/L)
Cr6+ Hexavalent Chromium NO3-N (1) Nitrate Nitrogen(NO2-N=0)
Cr6+-50 Hexavalent Chromium-50mm NO3-N (2) Nitrate N(NO2-N≦0.015mg/L)
Cr6+(D) Hexavalent Chromium(Low) NO3-N (3) Nitrate N(NO2-N≦1.5mg/L)
Cr6+(WAK) Hexavalent Chromium(WAK) Pb Lead
CrT Total Chromium Phenol Phenol
Cu Copper PO4 Phosphate
F Fluoride(Free) PO4(D) Phosphate(Enzyme)
Fe Iron PO4-P Phosphate Phosphorus
Fe (D) Iron(Low) PO4-P(D) Phosphate P(Enzyme)
FOR Formaldehyde S Sulfide
H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide TH Total Hardness
Mn Manganese Turbid (FTU) Turbidity(Formazin)
NH4 Ammonium Turbid (PS) Turbidity(Polystyrene)
NH4-N Ammonium Nitrogen Zn (D) Zinc(Low)
Ni Nickel    

Available Packages:


Peristaltic Sipper for uv-vis analysis

Peristaltic Sippers: Standard 160L (2.0 mL), triple-pass 160T (1.5 mL), and super micro 160U (0.5 mL). Each sipper has an integrated flow cell with 10mm path length, and uses a peristaltic stepping motor pump to ensure reliability and smooth aspiration of sample.

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