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Helium gas is typically used as the carrier gas for GC/MS. However, in recent years, the supply of helium gas has at times been insufficient and the price has increased. As a result, the use of hydrogen gas (H2) as an alternative gas has progressed. Compared with helium gas, hydrogen gas has a lower cost and can reduce analysis times.
In addition, using a hydrogen gas generator can further reduce running costs and allow analysis in laboratories where installation of a gas cylinder is difficult. Also, hydrogen gas can be safely operated.


Shimadzu Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometers (GCMS) support the use of hydrogen as the carrier gas. In addition, by using the Method Translator (Restek), the methods that have been developed and used with helium can be simply converted into methods for hydrogen carrier gas.


Correlation Between Retention Times with Hydrogen and Helium as the Carrier Gases for 70 Agricultural Chemicals Translation to Analysis Conditions for Hydrogen as the Carrier Gas Using EZGC Method Translator

Examples of Applications

As a result of combining Precision Hydrogen Trace 250 and the GCMS-QP2020 and carrying out simultaneous analysis of agricultural chemicals, the analysis time was shortened, and it was possible to perform high-sensitivity analysis of the agricultural chemicals.


Fenitrothion 0.01 mg/L chromatogram and calibration curve


Hydrogen Generator


User Application Example

Federico Cozzi
(Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of Copenhagen)

  • System
    Used for carrier gas and combustion gas of GCMS-QP2010 series and GC-2010 Plus.
  • Application
    Analysis of plant-derived biochemicals
  • Evaluation
    Through the use of a hydrogen gas generator, we were able to reduce the costs and work associated with procuring and replacing gas cylinders. Moreover, Peak Scientific provided excellent support.