Observation of Camera Lens Assembly Status (X-ray CT)

When CT images of digital camera lenses are obtained, the CT images often include lens artifacts that make it difficult to observe the assembly status. However, this problem can be solved by modifying the orientation of the lens being scanned by the CT system. This example describes the use of a Shimadzu microfocus X-ray CT system to observe a digital camera lens.

Obtaining images with the sample oriented longitudinally with respect to the X-rays resulted in few artifacts and provides an image that clearly shows the gap between lenses.


Exterior of Sample


MPT Image (Multiplanar Reconstruction)

inspeXio SMX-225CT Microfocus X-ray CT System


The inspeXio SMX-225CT Microfocus X-ray CT System supports inspection of a wide range of specimens from small to large parts. The open-type X-ray tube requires only filament replacement, which reduces running costs.