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Survey IR - FTIR microscopy

SurveyIR provides FTIR microscopy with a compact design and affordable price. SurveyIR’s compact configuration facilitates mounting in the sample compartment of a Shimadzu FTIR spectrometer. Simultaneous visual viewing and IR spectroscopy allows sample maneuvering while observing its IR spectrum. 5.0 MP visual images are acquired by a color video camera with 1900 µm view field. Transmission, reflection and oblique or dark field illumination are supported by selection of LED illumination modes. Sample movement and focusing are manually controlled with a 1x3 inch travel sample stage and coarse/fine focus adjustment knobs. IR data in the transmission, reflection and ATR modes are acquired through Shimadzu FTIR spectrometers. Purging can be accomplished by the quick disconnect 1/4” tube fitting on the back of the instrument.


eSpot™ software enables the user to control image display, manipulation, capture, documentation, measurement and storage. eSpot also provides the interface for IR mode selection, illumination selection and sample size selection.

eSpot - Survey IR

SurveyIR is ideal for use in analytical services, quality assurance, educational and forensic labs. It can be used for various applications utilizing FTIR microscopy. Some representative examples are the investigation of fibers, paints, polymers, fabrics, pharmaceutical active ingredients, excipients, narcotics, explosives and minerals.

In this FTIR microscopy investigation of synthetic fibers, the SurveyIR took reflection mode IR spectra of two fiber samples down to a size of 60 µm in diameter. Although the fibers samples share similar physical appearance in the microscopic images FTIR spectra of the samples revealed that one of them is polyester and the other is polyamide (Figure 3). Such information can be of vital importance for example, in forensic labs to identify trace materials at crime scene.

ftir microscopy example

Figure 3. SurveyIR captured images of synthetic fibers a) polyester and b) polyamide. FTIR spectra of the fibers are shown in c)

Figure 3. SurveyIR captured images of synthetic fibers a) polyester and b) polyamide. FTIR spectra of the fibers are shown in c)

SurveyIR Features and Specifications

  • Plug-n-play into FTIR spectrophotometer’s sample compartment with easy install by users. No liquid nitrogen required as it uses on-board room temperature detector.
  • 5 mega pixel CMOS color video camera, 2592 x1944 maximum resolution
  • Research grade visual image quality, 1900μm field of view. 2X optical magnification yields .7μm/pixel at sample pane
  • Transmission, reflection, and oblique illumination
  • IR Reflection, Attenuated Total Reflection, and transmission modes available
  • Clip-on ATR crystal discs available in Diamond, Germanium (Ge), and Zinc Selenide (ZnSe)
  • 5X magnification aspheric objective and condenser, simultaneous view/IR
  • Manual x, y stage fits 1” x 3” standard microscope slides and yields 1” x 2½” specimen travel
  • Manual coarse/fine z stage focus adjust, 1/3” minimum working distance, ½” maximum travel
  • Manual transmission condenser focus adjustment
  • Accommodates commercially available transmission cells including diamond compression cells
  • Windows™ 7,8,10 compatible eSpot™ software controls visual illumination modes, visible illumination intensity, ATR contact alert, IR mask selection, and IR transmission/reflection modes
  • eSpot™ software capability for image capture, storage, and documentation
  • Variable remote IR image mask - 2000μm, 250μm, 200μm, 160μm, 100μm, or 60μm fixed diameter - controlled via eSpot™ software
  • Dimensions – 13.2” depth x 4.3” width x 10.5” height, 10lb weight
  • Powered by external computer USB 2.0, +5VDC

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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