IRSpirit-X Compact FTIR Spectrometer

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer

A small-sized FTIR instrument that delivers full-sized, high-performance power

The IRSpirit-X FTIR is a miniaturized powerhouse designed to easily handle heavy workloads

With the IRSpirit-X compact FTIR spectrophotometer, you can enjoy the benefits of high performance and space efficiency in your lab, while achieving functionality typically associated with larger models. Despite its small size, the IRSpirit-X can accommodate a wide range of accessories to meet many analytical requirements.

The IRSpirit-X is ideal for contaminant analysis, identification tests and quantitative measurements. Its applications span many fields, including raw materials analysis, forensics, environmental, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, packaging and coatings, with pre-built macro programs designed simplify workflows for those countless applications.

Key Features

Key Features of the IRSpirit-X
  • 23 dedicated application programs through IR Pilot
  • Spectrum Advisor helps new users achieve quality data
  • 10-year warranty on parts (consumables excluded)
  • Humidity-resistant design with internal dehumidifier
  • Wiley's KnowItAll Analytical Edition included
  • Instrument status monitor
  • LabSolutions™ DB IR and LabSolutions™ CS IR (optional) to meet compliance requirements

Quick Specs

Wavenumber Range  7800 – 350 cm-1 (IRSpirit-TX, IRSpirit-LX) 5000 – 550 cm-1 (IRSpirit-ZX)
Moisture Protection  Electronic Dehumidifier and Silica Packs
3rd Party Compatibility  Most accessories and 3rd parties 
Warranty  10 Years on all parts (except consumables)


Small size delivers big advantages to meet analytical requirements

  • For sites with only a narrow space available

    If you are looking for a system that can fit in tight spaces and deliver on performance, the IRSpirit-X is your FTIR solution. Its body size is smaller than a sheet of A3 paper, yet the sample compartment width is similar to regular-sized models. In narrow spaces, position the unit vertically to measure samples.

    Access the start switch and humidity indicator from either side. The ATR accessory and FTIR main unit are the same height, so you can place samples directly on the ATR attachment on the sample compartment.

  • Small size delivers big advantages to meet analytical requirements

Dedicated application programs for easy operation

  • Dedicated application programs for easy operation
  • Measure multiple samples with only one click

    With IR Pilot™ pre-built macro customizable workflow software, you can choose from 23 standard applications to easily analyze samples, even if you are new to FTIR spectroscopy. Just pick the analysis purpose, accessory and pharmacopoeia requirements, and you are ready to run. You don’t need to set parameters, and you can measure several samples at once with a single click. Once you determine a workflow, you can record it, then you can perform future analyses with the same procedures – from measurement to data analysis and printing – with just a few clicks.

High stability, sensitivity & durability for reliable performance

  • Proven technology powers the compact IRSpirit-X FTIR spectrometer

    IRSpirit-X FTIR spectrometer provides the industry’s highest sensitivity for a compact FTIR. Using technology based on Shimadzu’s trusted FTIR models, the interferometer boasts exceptional stability. With dynamic alignment at 5000 times per second, you can achieve the stability you need for accurate, high-throughput analysis. Even with its small footprint, the IRSpirit-X matches the high sensitivity of full-sized FTIR models.

    Thanks to its moisture-resistant design, you can reliably use the robust optics under harsh temperature and humidity conditions. Plus, the Spectrum advisor function helps you to obtain high-quality data effortlessly.

  • High stability, sensitivity & durability for reliable performance


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