Brevis™ GC-2050 - Features

Gas Chromatograph

Compact without Compromise

Space-saving yet expandable design

  • The compact Brevis GC-2050 system width is only 350 mm (approximately 14 inches) including the AOC-30i auto-injector, making even more use of lab space. Compared to the flagship Nexis™ GC-2030, the width of the system has been reduced by approximately 35%.

    In addition to the compact design, the Brevis GC-2050 system offers a choice of sample introduction units and detectors (FID, FPD, ECD), allowing the use of commercial columns. Moreover, users can select power specifications from 100 V 15 A to 230 V specifications, allowing flexibility in adapting environments.
  • Space-saving yet expandable design


Sufficient GC oven size

  • Despite its space-saving design, this GC oven does not require a dedicated column, and up to two general capillary columns can be used.
  • Sufficient GC oven s ize


Remote Display

  • Even without a monitor on the Brevis GC-2050, you can use the GC Remote Display installed on a PC or tablet to monitor the device status and perform operations.

    Note: Only one Remote Display can be connected to a single GC at a time. The GC is connected via LAN / USB cable.

  • Remote Display

Compact and easy to maintain

Compact and easy to maintain GC


①One-touch inlet maintenance

The injection port can be opened or closed without tools by simply sliding the ClickTek™ Nut lever. Replace the insert, slide the lever, and feel the click to ensure leak-free performance.


②Fast inlet maintenance, Easy sTop

Clicking the Maint. (Maintenance) button on the GC front will start lowering the temperature of the GC inlet and oven, and stop the gas supply automatically*. After maintenance of the inlet, clicking the button again will return the instrument to standby after an automatic leak check. Routine maintenance procedures can be further simplified.

Note: Disabling the automatic gas supply shutdown to protect the MS detector is possible.

Fast inlet maintenance, Easy sTop


③Tool-less column installation

The ClickTek makes column attachment a one-touch operation. A noticeable clicking sensation signals a secure column connection, putting the user at ease.

Note: The ClickTek connector is optional.

Less Energy and Gas Consumption

ECO design


  • Comparison of power consumption on a GC run cycle.

    Comparison of power consumption on a GC run cycle.
    *Comparisons were made under the following analytical conditions.SPL: 270℃, FID: 270℃,
    Oven: 50℃ → (10℃/min)→250℃(10min Hold)→(Cooling)→50℃
    *The amount of electricity consumed will vary depending on the laboratory environment.


    The Brevis GC-2050 consumes 30 % less power than conventional GCs. The eco-design of the Brevis GC-2050 system includes high-performance insulating materials and a smaller oven to reduce the thermal capacity and thoroughly eliminate heat loss to reduce power consumption. To minimize helium use, the carrier gas save mode in the split/splitless sample introduction method can reduce the amount of carrier gas released from the split flow path to outside the GC system after sample transfer to the column for analysis. Operators can achieve further gas savings by using the optional gas selector to automatically switch the gases from helium to an alternative gas such as H₂ or N₂, except during analysis.


Safer and even faster analysis with H2 gas

  • High-speed analysis of impurities in benzene using hydrogen carrier gas

    High-speed analysis of impurities in benzene using hydrogen carrier gas

  • Safer and even faster analysis with H2 gas


    An optional built-in hydrogen sensor detects potential leaks early and keeps the system in a safe standby mode. If a hydrogen leak rises, the system turns off the main power and prevents accidents. The main unit also has an automatic carrier gas leak check function to support hydrogen carrier gas use. The optional gas selector allows the carrier gas to be switched to nitrogen gas after the analysis is complete, further enhancing safety.

  • Safer and even faster analysis with H2 gas

Built-in Analytical Intelligence

Automatic remote operation

  • With Remote Display and LabSolutions™ Direct, GC systems can be accessed from anywhere with a smart device or a PC, dramatically improving the analysis workflow and enabling new ways of working.
  • Automatic remote operation


Automating the Procedures of Experienced Analysts, Clean Pilot ANALYTICAL INTELLIGENCE

  • Baselines can be unstable during GC startup. The Clean Pilot feature provides quick and efficient automatic conditioning to provide stable analytical results while reducing the burden on laboratory personnel.
  • Automating the Procedures of Experienced Analysts, Clean Pilot


Analysis Starts Immediately under the Optimal Conditions, Automatic Start and Stop Function

The Brevis GC-2050 automatically performs gas and temperature control, allowing the system to shut down and start up unattended. When not performing analysis, the system can be shut down to reduce unnecessary power and gas consumption, thereby reducing running costs.

Analysis Starts Immediately under the Optimal Conditions, Automatic Start and Stop Function



  • When connecting a main and a spare gas cylinder to the gas selector (option), the gas selector will monitor the main gas cylinder pressure and automatically switch the gas supply to the backup line when the cylinder becomes empty. This prevents problems before they occur and allows you to continue analysis with peace of mind.
  • Supply Gas Check


Enabling Remote Control and Monitoring, LabSolutions Direct

  • Remote Control
  • Remote operation and monitoring

    LabSolutions Direct, a standard feature of LabSolutions, allows you to monitor instrument status and chromatographic signals, start and stop the instrument, and start the analysis from a web browser on a PC or smart device at a remote location.


Making Routine Analysis More Convenient

2D Code Navigation

When a smart device reads the code or clicks the URL link on a PC, a solution, including procedures or videos, is presented for a quick recovery.

2D Code Navigation

Best-in-Class Performance

Outstanding Analytical Reproducibility

The Brevis GC-2050 provides best-in-class analytical precision. The latest auto-injector, AOC-30i, enables continuous analysis with a high level of precision that cannot be achieved with manual operation. In addition, the flow controller (AFC) with a built-in CPU supports constant linear velocity, constant flow rate, and constant pressure control of carrier gas to achieve outstanding analytical reproducibility with ultra-high speed and ultra-precise control.

  • Continuous analysis of the Grob Test Mixture

    Continuous analysis of the Grob Test Mixture

  • Outstanding Analytical Reproducibility
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