HPLC/UHPLC Photodiode Array Detector - SPD-M30A

Photodiode Array Detector - SPD-M30A



Shimadzu offers the flexible photodiode array detector, SPD-M30A with minimal dispersion for fast UHPLC separations, ideal for USP compliant analog tests. It has improved accuracy in compound identification from absorbance spectra, and can perform an impurity check for all peaks. It leads the industry in deconvolution algorithms to resolve coeluting peaks. Low dispersion capillary cells and multi-wavelength settings guarantee high sensitivity analysis of trace components. A newly designed capillary cell and optical system improved signal level and reduced noise level. Stray light compensation technology and temperature control features enable precise identification, quantification, and peak purity analysis at trace levels. Utmost flexibility is guaranteed for high-speed multi-wavelength (up to 4 discrete channels) sampling range. Up to four wavelengths can be output, allowing the SPD-M30A to perform as a multi wavelength UV detector.

SPD-M30A Specifications

  • 1024 element diode array with resolution of 0.5nm/element and < 1.4 nm spectral resolution.
  • Wavelength range of 190 to 700 nm with a wavelength accuracy of ±1 nm is achieved through a Deuterium (D2) lamp.
  • Baseline drift less than 0.5 x 10-3 AU/h (under specified conditions) and noise level of less than 0.4 x 10-6 AU (under specific conditions).
  • Standard flow cell has an optical path length of 10mm and 1µL volume; maximum pressure 8 MPa/80 bar.
  • Optional high-sensitivity cell with an optical path length of 85mm and capacity of 9µL can be installed.
  • 4-channel analog output to trigger a fraction collector.
  • Monitored and controlled through a web browser and various HPLC and LC-MS/MS software.
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