Nexera HPLC/UHPLC Plate Changer

HPLC/UHPLC Plate Changer

Plate Changer

HPLC/UHPLC Plate Changer

The new Nexera Plate Changer offers unmatched performance and throughput in a space-saving design. Significantly higher throughput is achieved by linking up to three units (maximum 44 MTP) to any SIL-40 autosampler for an astounding 16,896 uninterrupted samples. Each exchange of plates takes less than 20 seconds.

Plate Changer Specifications

  • Single Plate Changer has capacity of 14 MTP or 7 DWP/vial racks.
  • Up to three Plate Changers can connect to each autosampler to reach the ultra-high sample capacity.
  • 16,896 samples in 384 well plates, 4224 sample in 96 well plates and 2376 samples in 1.5mL vials can be analyzed with three plate changers with a single autosampler.
  • The plate changer is temperature controlled from 4-45°C when connected to a SIL-40C/CXR/CXS/CX3 autosampler.
  • The plate changer can accept multiple plate types simultaneously.
  • The plate changer can automatically recognize the plate type in each position.
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