LC/MS/MS Method Package for Mycotoxins

For LabSolutions™ LCMS

Mycotoxins are highly toxic chemical byproducts from fungi commonly found in crops, and residual content in foods are regulated the world over. This method package provides simultaneous multi-component analysis conditions for mycotoxins subject to the regulations in Japan, the USA, the EU, and China.

Analytical Methods for 27 Mycotoxins

This package contains seven different analytical method conditions and fully optimized MRM transitions for a total of 27 different mycotoxins. Rapid analytical methods are included for a 25 mycotoxin screen, 16 mycotoxins using high-sensitivity conditions, 10 mycotoxins using APCI, and specialized methods for trichothecenes, fumonisins, aflatoxins, and patulin.

Analytical Methods for 27 Mycotoxins

Description of Each Method

  Outline Analysis time Description
A Rapid analysis method for 25 components 20 min This method rapidly and simultaneously analyzes 25 Mycotoxins.
Carryovers are minimized by adopting the rinsing function from the Nexera series.
B High-sensitivity analysis method for 16 components 30 min This method analyzes trichothecene mycotoxins with high sensitivity.
C Method for analysis of patulin 10 min This method analyzes patulin.
D Method for analysis of aflatoxins 30 min This method analyzes 6 aflatoxins.
E Method for high resolution analysis of type-B trichothecenes 12 min This method focuses on separation out acetyldeoxynivalenol isomers.
F Method for fumonisins 15 min Carryovers are minimized by adopting the rinsing function from the Nexera series.
G Method for analysis of 10 components based on APCI 33 min This method based on ACPI.
APCI sometimes enable better recovery rate in complex samples such as animal feed.

Compound List for Each Method

Compound List for Each Method

Remarks and Precautions

LabSolutions LCMS Ver. 5.109 or later and LabSolutions Insight Ver. 3.8SP13 or later are required.


LabSolutions is a trademark of Shimadzu Corporation or its affiliated companies in Japan and/or other countries.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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