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Multiply your sample throughput and see a greater return on your capital investment.

The Nexera QX Multiplex LC-MS/MS System uses multiple, alternating sample introduction streams for continuous operation of the mass spectrometer to significantly increase laboratory throughput and profitability.

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Maximize Mass Spectrometer Productivity

Multiplex uses multiple, alternating sample introduction streams to keep the mass spectrometer working continuously. QX maximizes laboratory profitability by keeping your capital investment working.

maximize mass spectrometer productivity

In conventional LCMS analysis, the system cycle time includes steps in addition to MS data acquisition. Column flushing, equilibration, and autosampler rinsing add to the time between runs, consuming valuable mass spectrometer time. QX significantly increases your laboratory throughput and profitability.

conventional lc system flow lines vs nexera qx


UHPLC Hardware Engineered for Multiplexing

The QX System adds multiple injection valves to the Nexera SIL-40 series autosampler, the industry standard for fast and clean injections. It also intelligently controls dedicated Nexera UHPLC pumps to automate flow line rinsing of each analytical stream to mitigate carryover from extreme samples.


Ultra-fast Injection

Ultra-fast Injection

By combing ultra-fast robotics with a flow-through design that requires minimal rinsing, SIL-40 autosamplers reduce the injection cycle time to <7 seconds.

Multi-injection Architecture

Dual Injection Autosampler

The QX System SIL-40 Series autosampler is equipped with stream-dedicated injection valves and needle ports – truly an injector for each stream.

Ultra-low Carryover

Ultra-low Carryover

Through an innovative “Zero dead volume design“, SIL-40 series autosamplers exhibit very low carryover.

Ultra-high Sample Capacity

Ultra-high Sample Capacity

Up to three plate changers can be used to yield a system capacity of 17,000 samples.

Identical flow lines provides you high throughput with accurate results.

identical flow lines provide you high throughput with accurate results

Molecule RT Stream 1 (min) RSD% (n=6) RT Stream 2 (min) RSD% (n=6) RT diff. (min)
Imipramine 1.089 0.46 1.089
Midazolam 0.847 0.72 0.834 0.59 0.013
Diazepam 1.913 0.35 1.902 0.24 0.011
Oxazepam 1.453 0.58 1.429 0.28 0.024
Lorazepam 1.521 0.5 1.498 0.27 0.023
Fluxetine 1.241 0.42 1.235 0.67 0.006
Citalopram 0.905 0.63 0.898 0.8 0.007

C190-E265 Technical Report - Nexera QX


QX Software Designed for Multiplexing

QX Solution software is a single vendor, integrated solution over all of the hardware, from sample introduction streams to error handling—a single point of control. QX is also specifically designed for the high-throughput laboratory, allowing for the easy import of spreadsheet sample batches.

QX Solution simplifies valve control, gradient control, and injection timing.

QX Solutions - status ready

QX Solution features stream-dedicated status monitoring. Smart management of analysis streams and submitted samples is built-in. If one stream goes down, QX will run the sample on any available streams.

QX Solutions - Main Analysis

Carryover Evaluation - chlorhexidine (5000 μg/L)
reduce autosampler and column carryover

QX Solution can provide smart automation of dedicated stream flushing to reduce autosampler and column carryover to a minimum. In response to user-criteria for carryover thresholds, advanced (on-demand) stream flushing may be implemented for problematic samples.


Next-Generation LC-MS/MS Performance

LCMS-8060NX Triple Quadrupole Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

Equipped with Ultra Fast Mass Spectrometry (UFMS) technology, Shimadzu triple LC-MS systems are tailored solutions for the Nexera QX, providing high performance and excellence in data quality. Ultra-fast data acquisition speeds enable optimum throughput, allowing sensitive quantitative analyses with exceptional robustness and ease of use.

Our most powerful tandem mass spectrometer, the LCMS-8060NX utilizes proprietary technologies and more efficient ion transfer to achieve outstanding speed and sensitivity. 

IonFocus electrospray unit

Incorporation of a new IonFocus electrospray unit and newly designed ion guides deliver robust operation through reduced matrix effects and less contamination inside the instrument, resulting in maximized uptime, the utmost in data quality, and a more efficient analytical workflow.

LabSolutions Insight: Intuitive and Automated Data Review

intuitive and meaningful reports

Review acquired data
Generate intuitive and meaningful reports, reduce costs, and improve the efficiency of your data processing environment.

LabSolutions Insight Software Screens

Insight contains over 75 user-controlled QA/QC flagging criteria for retention times, concentration limits, and more. Configurable color-coding is available to highlight results that are near or outside of limits.


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