Shim-pack Velox C18


Shim-pack Velox C18 is a traditional end-capped C18-bonded phase which offers the highest hydrophobic retention of any Shim-pack Velox phases and is applicable to a wide range of applications such as pharmaceutical, food, environmental and clinical and neutrals at moderately low and mid-range pH.

  • General purpose column for reversed-phase chromatography
  • Highest hydrophobic retention among Shim-pack Velox series
  • Compatible with moderately acidic to neutral mobile phases (pH 2-8)

Method Transfer for Cyanocobalamin Analysis within the USP Allowable Adjustment

The assay of cyanocobalamin (a synthetic form of vitamin B12) with 5 μm fully-porous ODS column described in the USP monograph is transferred to a new method with Shim-pack Velox C18 2.7 μm column, within USP allowable adjustments. Analytical time and solvent consumption can be saved with transferred methods while meeting the requirements of system suitability.







Column L/dp Flow rate
N System suitability test result
(Requirement: %RSD < 2.0 %)
(5 μm, 4.6 x 150 mm)
30,000 0.50 5,244 tR: 0.025 %
Area: 0.175 % (n=6)
Velox C18
(2.7 μm, 4.6 x 100 mm)
(+23 %)
0.50 9,497
(+81 %)
tR: 0.035 %
Area: 0.103 % (n=6)
0.93 4,466
(-15 %)
tR: 0.084 %
Area: 0.220 % (n=6)



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