Prominence Ion Chromatograph - Features

Anion Suppressor Ion Chromatograph

Better Resolution, Better Stability

With a unique folded-flow path design and optimized dialytic membrane, the new ICDS™-40A anion suppressor achieves high efficiency and stable background suppression (patent pending). The combination of this suppressor with the highest-quality pumping produces analytical results you can trust.


The ICDS-40A achieves better resolution, better stability

The ICDS-40A suppressor features two unique design aspects that minimize peak dispersion and limit unwanted shifts in retention time:


Prominence IC - better resolution, better stability


These features improve the separation of the water dip from early-eluting peaks, provide greater peak heights, and ensure higher repeatability and reproducibility by preventing thermally induced shifts in retention time.

Electrolytic Suppression, Reimagined

Electrolytic suppression is widely used to increase the sensitivity of IC analyses. Shimadzu has built upon this technique with its patent pending ICDS-40A suppressor—a newly developed electrodialytic anion suppressor that minimizes drift and noise.

This unique solution for electrolytic suppression features:



Electrolytic Suppression, Reimagined


Created for Performance: EPA Methods 300 and 300.1

Fast EPA 300 Analysis in Less Than 4 Minutes


Chromatogram of results from EPA 300 analysis of anions in water using the Prominence IC. These method conditions are optimized for high sample throughput.

Regulatory compliance for water analysis is critical. We have demonstrated the performance of the Prominence ion chromatograph against common methods, such as EPA 300 for common anions and an extended version, EPA 300.1, that includes common inorganic disinfection byproducts (DBPs).

Through experimentation, we have found that running common ion chromatography standard test methods on the Prominence IC enables:

Lower cost of operation No expensive or hazardous chemical regenerants to purchase and dispose of.
Excellent resolution No interference of the water dip on the early-eluting peaks and the ability to extend runs to maximize both resolution and injection volume for trace analysis.
High precision and stability Repeatable results from routine analysis means more time analyzing and less time performing maintenance.

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A smart use of benchtop space


16.5 inches (420 mm) wide, for a minimum benchtop footprint.


Space in your laboratory runs at a premium. The Prominence IC is nearly 50% narrower than comparable ion chromatographs on the market. A narrow-width column oven and a modular autosampler help to create this unique, space-saving form factor.


This means more room for other instruments, data stations and bench space for other work.

High Precision and Reliability from Shimadzu’s World-class HPLC Platform



In addition to the novel suppressor design, the Prominence IC is built around Shimadzu’s renowned HPLC platform. This improves analytical reliability by offering superior solvent delivery performance, high injection accuracy and reproducibility, low carryover, and high thermal precision of the oven temperature. All of this adds up to a highly precise, reliable and easy-to-use ion chromatograph.


Demonstration of low carryover


Complete support and ease-of-use

Manage analysis, data processing and reports all from LabSolutions™


Settings for Prominence Ion Chromatograph analysis parameters, continuous analysis, auto-shutdown, data processing, and report creation can all be managed from LabSolutions. Data integrity is ensured with the addition of LabSolutions DB or LabSolutions CS.



Simple, all-in-one checks of calibration curves and peak integration with the results browser function


Quantitative results browse


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