Method Development System - Configuration

Develop Analysis Methods with Higher Reliability More Efficiently



This is an method development system based on the UHPLC system provided by Shimadzu Corporation. In addition to the automatic switching of multiple mobile phases and multiple columns, the solvent blending function enables the automatic preparation of mobile phases to achieve automation and labor saving, and strongly supports the development of analytical methods.

Configuration Example


Product Name Description
System Controller SCL-40
Solvent Delivery Pump LC-40D X3 ×2
Low-pressure gradient  
Degassing Units DGU-405 ×2
Autosampler SIL-40C X3
Column Oven CTO-40C
Photodiode Array Detector SPD-M40
UHPL Cell for M40  
Reservoir Tray  
Mixer MR 180uLⅡ  
Method Scouting System Piping/Mixer Kit  
Method Scouting System Starter Kit  
LabSolutions PC      
LabSolutions LC Multi LC-PDA  
LabSolutions MD