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Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

Automates Development of Analytical Conditions

Method Scouting

The process of considering which analytical conditions to specify for LC separation requires evaluating a huge number of possible combinations of columns, mobile phases, column temperatures, and other factors, which can be taxing on analytical personnel. The Nexera method scouting system offers functionality for automatically switching between multiple mobile phase conditions and columns for analysis. Consequently, it can be used to develop methods more efficiently by automating the process of optimizing mobile phase pH, salt concentration, or other analytical condition settings.

Method Scouting
Solvent Blending


Unique Functionality Reduces Data Analysis Work



The process of identifying peaks obscured by baseline undulations or noise, identifying shoulder peaks with inadequate separation, and so on, can be very tedious and produce results that vary depending on skill level. Shimadzu's unique i-PeakFinder peak integration algorithm is perfect for accurately detecting peaks in troublesome chromatograms.


Carefully Selected Functionality for Supporting Data Analysis

LabSolutions Insight™ Software for LC/MS Data Analysis

This dedicated LC/MS analysis software features functionality that provides powerful support for multiple-component and multi-sample data analysis, such as functionality for flagging, filtering, and peak comparison.

LabSolutions Insight Software for LC/MS Data Analysis

Mobile Phase pH Monitor: pHM-40

Mobile Phase pH Monitor: pHM-40


In the case of Ion-exchange chromatography or size-exclusion chromatography used for the analysis of proteins or other biomolecules, the mobile phase pH can strongly affect chromatographic separation. The pH monitor pHM-40 continuously monitors the pH of mobile phases to identify any changes in mobile phase pH in real time.

LC-MS Software

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