Nexera HPLC/UHPLC Photodiode Array Detector - SPD-M40

SPD-M40 Photodiode Array Detectors for UHPLC and UHPLC

Boost your high sensitivity measurements over a wide wavelength range. The SPD-M40 has great accuracy in identification of compounds from absorbance spectra and performs an impurity check on all peaks. The industry leading i-PDeA deconvolution algorithm spectrally resolves coeluting peaks. The newly designed optical system guarantees both a wide linearity range and a superb signal-to-noise ratio performance at the same time. It has improved stability in analysis through flow cell/polychromator/lamp compartment temperature control. Each SPD-M40 is equipped with a UV cutoff filter, which allows even less variation and more robust analysis by minimizing sample decomposition.


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SPD-M40 Specifications

  • Wavelength range of 190 nm - 800 nm, wavelength accuracy ± 1 nm, noise level of 4.5 x 10-6 AU, and drift less than 0.4 x 10-3 AU/hour.
  • Contains both a deuterium (D2) and tungsten (W) lamp.
  • UV cut-off filter that removes wavelengths below 240 nm from entering the flow cell.
  • Has a 1024 element diode array. Fully temperature-controlled optics, including the optical bench, lamp housing, and flow cell. Monitored and controlled with a standard web browser.
  • Built-in Cell ID that is automatically recorded in analysis data.
  • Linear up to 2.5 AU (ASTM method). Pressure tolerance of 12 MPa.
  • Automatic wavelength accuracy check and wavelength correction.
  • Integrated 4 channel analog output.
  • Optional flow cells that can be changed by the user: UHPLC, semi-micro, inert, preparative and high-pressure cell.
  • Capable of using the i-PDeA II deconvolution algorithm to resolve co-eluting peaks.

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