Prominence Ion Chromatograph

Anion Suppressor Ion Chromatograph

High Sensitivity and Reliability

With a unique folded-flow path design and optimized dialytic membrane, the new ICDS™-40A anion suppressor achieves high efficiency and stable background suppression (patent pending). The combination of this suppressor with the highest-quality pumping produces analytical results you can trust.


The ICDS-40A achieves high sensitivity, reliability and robustness

The ICDS-40A reduces band spreading, increasing the sensitivity for analytes with low retention such as fluoride, and improves the separation from the water dip, for reliable results. The electrodialytic system provides analysis and regeneration simultaneously, with no time lost to cumbersome off-line regeneration cycles. Environmentally hazardous solutions such as sulfuric acid are unnecessary.

Shimadzu ICDS-40A versus other vendor's suppressor - Separation of F Ion peaks is improved through narrower water dip shape


The ICDS-40A efficiently replaces eluent sodium ions with hydrogen ions from the electrolysis of water.


Structure and principles behind the ICDS-40A

Plot of peak area vs number of river water sample injections


The plot on the right shows peak response from analysis of a standard solution after each 100 injections of river water. Stable peak intensities are still achieved even after many repeated analysis. The excellent ion exchange function of the ICDS-40A is supported by the robustness of the Prominence Ion Chromatograph over a long analysis.

Compact Design Optimizes Lab Space

The Prominence Ion Chromatograph system is just 16.5 inches (420 mm) wide, for a minimum benchtop footprint.


Shimadzu IC Instrument Footprint - just 420 mm wide

Ease of Use and Comprehensive Support


Manage analysis, data processing and reports all from LabSolutions™

Settings for Prominence Ion Chromatograph analysis parameters, continuous analysis, auto-shutdown, data processing, and report creation can all be managed from LabSolutions. Data integrity is ensured with the addition of LabSolutions DB or LabSolutions CS.


LabSolutions Software Workflow

LabSolutions Software Screens

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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