TRViewX - Features

Non-Contact Digital Video Extensometer

Advanced, World Leading Non-Contact Extensometer


  • High-Accuracy Elongation Measurements
    Absolute accuracy ±1.5 μm, relative accuracy ±0.5% at room temperature
    (ISO 9513 Class 0.5 and JIS B7741 Class 0.5)
    Absolute accuracy ±3 μm, relative accuracy ±1.0% for in-chamber testing
    (ISO 9513 Class 1 and JIS B7741 Class 1)

  • Width Measurement Functionality
    Absolute accuracy ±2 μm, relative accuracy ±0.5% at room temperature
    (ISO 9513 Class 1 and JIS B7741 Class 1)
    Enables Lankford (r) value 


  • Single and Dual Camera Models
    A consequence of the range of field-of-view lens available, 55 to 800 mm, TRViewX supports measurements ranging from micro-displacement measurements to long-stroke measurements. In addition, dual camera models enable high-accuracy elastic modulus measurements with a 120 mm field-of-view lens, as well as high-elongation specimen failure displacements with the up to 800 mm field-of-view lens.
  • High-intensity LED Lighting System
    Thanks to a high-intensity LED lighting system, the impact of ambient lighting is minimized, improving measurement accuracy.
    The intensity of the lighting system can be regulated using Trapezium X testing software, so optimum lighting can be achieved to suit various types of specimens.

    To better measure large elongation specimens, up to four LEDs can be positioned around the sample.

Complete Integration with Trapezium X Testing Software Simplifies Operability

The complete integration with easy-to-use Trapezium X testing software simplifies operation and enables images to be included in reports.

  • Simply select TRViewX testing conditions to set the measurement mode.
  • All operations from start to finish of the test can be controlled by the software.
  • TRViewX measures the actual gauge length when testing starts.
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