AGX-V2 Series Precision Universal Tester

AUTOGRAPH Precision Universal Tester

A flexible, ultrafast material testing system that supports many applications

AGX-V2 Series systems measure material strength with unmatched speed and precision

The AGX-V2 Series universal testing systems deliver high-speed data sampling so you can save time during analysis. They capture data at a rate of 10 kHz, enabling you to detect sudden changes in your sample.

AGX-V2 systems also come in a range of sizes to fit any application. You can choose between various options, from a powerful 600kN floor-standing model to a compact 10N table-top model.

With the simple design of AGX-V2 systems, you can reduce maintenance tasks. These systems require a single load cell to operate, so you save time on calibration and spend less money on load cell replacements.

Key Features

Key Features of the AGX-V2 Series AUTOGRAPH Precision Universal Test Frame
  • Autotuning feature for precise strain control
  • Wide load cell range to reduce calibration costs
  • Intelligent crosshead to prevent damage
  • Voice activation feature for easy operation
  • Flexible design to support a range of applications
  • Multiple processors for high-speed sampling rate
Measuring the Bulk Density of Graphite Powder

Quick Specs

Model AGX-V2 10kN AGX-V2 50kN AGX-V2 100kN AGX-V2 300kN AGX-V2 300kN
Frame Type Tabletop Tabletop/Floor Model Floor Model Floor Model Floor Model
Frame Capacity (kN) 10 kN 50 kN 100 kN 300 kN 600 kN
Load Cell Accuracy ±0.5% or ±1.0%
Compliant with JIS B7721 Class 0.5, EN 10002-2 Grade 0.5, ISO 7500-1 Class 0.5, BS
1610 Class 0.5, DIN 51221 Class 0.5, and ASTM E4
Speed Range (mm/min) 0.00005 - 3000 0.00005 - 1500 0.00005 - 720 0.00005 - 540
Speed Accuracy ±0.1%
Positional Accuracy ±0.05% or ±0.01mm whichever is greater
Frame Rigidity (kN/mm) 60 180 300 400 600
Data Capture Rate 10 kHz on all channels


User-friendly software for easy operation and increased productivity

  • TRAPEZIUM™ X-V software is simple and easy to use

    TRAPEZIUM X-V software has a user-friendly interface that enables fast and easy analysis. You can use the system to perform single-direction tests, such as tensile, compression and bending tests. The software can also run endurance tests that involve the repeated application of force. The versatility of the software system supports the analysis of many different materials, including metals, plastics, composites, food, finished products and pharmaceuticals.

  • User-friendly universal test frame software for easy operation and increased productivity

High-speed data sampling to save time and boost accuracy

  • High-speed data sampling to save time and boost accuracy
  • Multiple processors and engines for fast data acquisition

    The high-speed data sampling rates of AGX-V2 systems enable you to save time and increase productivity. These systems use multiple processors and engine units to achieve a sampling rate of 10,000 Hz. With faster processing abilities, you can measure small and sudden changes in your sample, such as the breaking point of brittle materials. The systems also include a 1 kHz crosshead control for more efficient operation.

Multi joint feature enables all Jigs to be quickly and easily connected

  • Simplify the replacement of test jigs

    The multi joint feature on the AGX-V2 series connects the jigs to load cells. It enables all jigs – including tensile, compression, and bending jigs – to be quickly and easily connected. Now, it is no longer necessary to replace heavy joints, which simplifies the replacement of test jigs. A small-capacity load cell can be connected directly to the tip, so tests with small-capacity load cells can be performed with a large-capacity load cell still attached.

  • Multi joint feature enables all Jigs to be quickly and easily connected


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