Automatic Analysis

Sipper Unit

The following accessories are used to continuously supply samples to a sample compartment for measurement. The sipper unit automatically supplies sample solutions to cells using a stepping motor-driven peristaltic pump. When this unit and the auto-sample chamber are used together, up to 100 samples can be measured automatically and continuously.

  • For UVmini series, UV-1800/2450/2550/2600/2700/3600 Series
  •  This unit cannot be used for strong acids, strong alkalis or ester solutions since the tubes of the stepping motor-driven peristaltic pump are not chemical-resistant. Buy the separate solenoid valve unit (fluorine resin treated) and SWA-2 sample waste unit

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160L: Standard Type, 160C: Constant-Temperature Type, 160U: Super-micro Type

TCC-240A Thermoelectrically Temperature Controlled Cell Holder

Two types of syringe sippers are available: the normal-temperature type (N) and the constant-temperature water-circulation type (CN). The sipper unit uses a syringe pump system. Liquid-contact surfaces are made of fluorine resin, glass or fused silica, which means that they are very resistant to chemicals and easy to maintain, allowing measurement of almost any type of sample. They also feature an extremely high sipping volume repeatability (repeat precision: &plusmin;0.03 mL). The flow cell is available separately. Choose from the recommended flow cells in the table below.

  • For UVmini series, UV-1800/2450/2550/2600/2700/3600 Series
  •  When used on the UVmini series, the sample compartment unit is required. Also, on the UVmini series, the square flow-thru (super-micro) cell with 2 mm dia. light-thru section cannot be used.
Recommended Flow Cells
Type Optical Path Length Aperture Dimensions Standard Required Sample Volume
Square flow cell (super-micro) 10 mm φ 2mm 0.9 mL
Square flow cell (micro) 10 mm φ 3mm 1.0 mL
Square flow cell (semi-micro) 10 mm 11 mm H × 3.5 mm W 5.0 mL

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UV-Vis Autosamplers: Models ASX-280

Shimadzu offers complete solution for automatic liquid analysis for UV-Vis spectrophotometers using the newly-updated ASX series autosamplers to offer repeatable measurements suitable for all types of laboratories.

The Autosamplers’ controls are fully integrating into Shimadzu LabSolutions UV-Vis software. Since the data is collected and processed within Shimadzu software, with proper software compliance package, this setup can provide total data integrity and audit trail. In addition, unique parameters can be set for each vial position as desired. After installing the software, a simple USB connection between the PC and autosampler is all that takes to get started.

  • For UV-1800/1900/2600/2700/3600 Plus Series
  • ASX-280: 120 Vials (15-mL vials), 2 standard racks with 60 positions each
  • ASX-560: 240 Vials (15-mL vials), 4 standard racks with 60 positions each

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